Freedom….at Last!

I’m no Martha Stewart, but living in clutter and messiness drives me batty!  I feel immobilized in my own home…like a hostage…whenever things are in disarray.  Can you imagine how this little mass of disorganization has ruffled my feathers?

Honestly,  I have been quiet when it comes to the piles of tools scattered in the living room, as they are there to signal Mark’s escape to freedom from the house.  Since he has literally spent the last two weeks indoors, I can certainly relate to his feeling of captivity!  The tools can all find their homes tomorrow, after all!

In all fairness, I must admit that I *could* have organized the mess instead of walking past it.  However, I have learned from the past (remember, we literally built this house from the ground, up with some help from my father and brother)  that tools are best left where they are lying. 

I read regularly over at Lisanne’s blog and I always take a look at her photos.  Well, a few days ago, she showed some “Mini Vanilla Sugar Cookies”  on her Flick’r account.  Being a plain vanilla girl, I found myself drooling on the keyboard as I looked at them!  Try as I might,  I could not seem to get them out of my mind.  So this morning,  instead of tidying up a little,  I made up a batch of sugar cookies.

As soon as Michelle smelled the goodies in the oven, she came to the kitchen, wanting to know if I might need some help! Clever girl! She wound up frosting the cookies and putting on the colorful sprinkles.

Ugh, they are sooo good, I am drooling again!

I went into the living room to sit down for a few minutes and saw a notebook with notes in it for the new ramp.  I smiled, seeing Ben, Michelle, and Mark’s writing on the pages!

The construction crew went to work early this morning.  They were outside before noon, and when Mark said he would slap together the extension for the ramp, he wasn’t kidding! Ben nailed a ledger board onto the ramp and within minutes, the short boards for the little ramp were ready to be placed.

And there it is!

Mark was ecstatic about his finished project,  but there is a very cautious side to him that makes him want to test and retest things before he jumps in with both feet.  Thus, he was wary about making a maiden voyage on the new incline.  Ben finally talked him into it, and down he went….smooth as butter!

I was thrilled beyond imagining when Mark finally plowed the driveway!  I had been driving up and down it through some snow, so when Mark finished plowing, the thing looked like a highway! When he finished, he decided he would take us out for lunch.

We drove up to Canandaigua and ate. Afterwards, the kids had a few items to pick up at the store.  While waiting for them,  I took pictures.  You know it is cold and slushy when the sky reflects off the parking lot!

On the way home, we went down the lakeside drive.  Earlier, when we passed the same section of road, there were many Canada Geese swimming in the lake, looking so pretty.  As we passed on the way home,  much of the water they had been in had a visible film of ice closing in on the spot! The places where the water moves about were still clear.  I had Mark pull into a parking lot so I could get some photos of the geese.

It was really nice to get out for a couple of hours today.  When we arrived back home,  Mark zipped right up the ramp, unassisted.  Another project completed!  And, a success!