Lung-Biting Cold!

The Christian radio station I listen to has a news lady who recently relocated here from Chicago.  She said in Chi Town, when it is this cold, they refer to it as “lung-biting cold”!  It really is cold, but our themometer on the front porch is reading “0”.  That is 4 whole degrees warmer than yesterday morning.

I took a couple of photos of the birds out the window this morning. I love this first one of the Goldfinches.

The little birds are so “puffy” this morning!  I was pleased to find a Purple Finch and his wife amongst the Golds this morning.  They sat like this for the longest time!

The birds are quite content just sitting on the branches this morning…it is as though just seeing the food in their sight is good enough. Seems they are concentrating on keeping warm!

Well, no matter how cold it is outside, it sure is beautiful!


One of the things I forgot to mention in regards to this ramp Mark and the kids are building is that it is a temporary setup.  Because the ground is frozen and it is hard to see the actual grade,  Mark wanted to make this ramp quickly just so he can escape the house!

Today was very cold.  In the morning, the sun was shining gloriously, but when Mark and the kids went out, shortly after noon,  the sun went into hiding. Working on the north side of the house, there is no sun anyway, but as the sun hid, the temperatures fell even further. 

The kids knew their task of mounting the last cross members onto the sides, so they went to work. 

Since the decking on most ramps runs side to side, this ramp is a bit different.  Mark ran 2x12x16 footers down the length to minimize work….less fussing with getting the boards in right and screwing them into the bottom. 

Mark needs to fashion a small ramp to place at the bottom of this one, as it is about 5 inches from the ground. Yes, Mark did plan it that way, using the 16 foot lumber instead of going any longer.  He knew this would be high off the ground, but he figures he can “slap together” a little extension relatively quickly!

Mark intends to replace this makeshift ramp this summer,  and he won’t “steal” the steps to do it.  The onset of cabin fever just got him to thinking this would be a route of escape.  Hopefully, he will be back up and walking soon.  The doctor said a few weeks of lying about can really mess with walking.  That was encouraging for Mark.  He had a small ramp a man from church had built out back several years ago, but once he began walking with the canes, he didn’t think he would need a ramp any longer.  He is already thinking about the design of the next ramp, which will be parallel to the stairs, instead of over them.  Oh, and of course he has taken into consideration that he will indeed be recycling this ramp into the next!

Almost completed….