A Pleasant Start to a Frosty Morn

Yes, the return of the Purple Finches has made my day!  I often spend some time peering out the bedroom window,  seeing what birds are out there.  I hastily snapped this photo of the somewhat (VERY! compared to my little Goldfinch friends, anyway!)  shy bird. 

I found that in identifying the little bugger, I was a bit confounded as to whether I was seeing a Purple Finch or a House Finch.  They really are that similar, but in reading about the two, I decided mine was the Purple Finch which, I read, generally makes his appearance in the Eastern US in the winter. 

In any case, it is cold, as was predicted.  The thermometer read about -4 Fahrenheit.  If I am reading the scale on the thermometer correctly, that translates to about -21 Celsius.  Yes, it is chilly!  However, when walking outside to get firewood and to take the Scotties out, it seemed warmer than yesterday because there is no brutal wind lashing out, trying to knock the wind out of anyone crazed enough to be outside!

Well, today’s self-imposed assignment would be partly to try to capture a much better shot of one of the finches.  The raspberry coloration is outstanding!