Incredible Kids!

Mark has been going stir crazy for the past several days.  The last time he went out for a ride was on New Year’s Day!  Since we got all the ice and snow, he has basically been in the house. He had a sore on his back that took from October until the end of December to entirely heal.  After it healed, the bad weather set in.

Because Mark had to spend much of the past three months off his “bottom”,  when he tried to walk, his hips feel “rubbery”.  Since he tends to err on the side of caution, he has been very reluctant to even try walking down the snowy front steps.

So, last Friday, he had a builder, who was recommended by a business that deals in medical supplies, show up to give us an estimate on what a small ramp would cost, installed on the back deck.  As the man left, he told us we should hear from him by this Friday.  Well, Mark has waited long enough!

First thing this morning, he asked the kids if they would help him out today. They both agreed they would. 

Next, he sat down with a small drawing he had made with his CAD program and formulated a lumber list.  He called the local lumber yard and gave his order.  Within an hour, the truck pulled up into our driveway!

Amazing service! The man and Ben carried all the lumber up on the porch and placed it on the waiting sawhorses Ben had already set up.

The rest of the morning, the kids spent quite a bit of time measuring and remeasuring.  After all, Mark is a firm believer in the addage “measure twice, cut once“.   Ben and Michelle carried a heavy 2x12x16 footer back and forth about three times until the piece fit perfectly.

Since cutting the 2×12’s was the hardest part of the project,  Mark and the kids decided to come in and warm up over some lunch.  I made them  hot roast beef sandwiches with peppers and onions.  While they ate,  I took the Scottie boys outside.  Angus was thrilled to stand on his head and wiggle about on the icy driveway!

Mark turned as he was about to go back outside, into the chilly, windy weather.  “Are you not feeling guilty about being here inside the warm house while the kids and I freeze to death?”

I looked him in the eye, and replied, “Nope.”

He had no idea I was busy in the kitchen making a Decadent Turtle Cheesecake for dessert for dinner, after all!

I washed the (endless) dishes and put them away.  As I returned to the living room, I heard so much noise coming from the front porch!  I went around the back way and smiled as I saw the three “builders”,  hammers in hands,  banging the ice off the boards!

Mark meticulously marked the boards to indicate where the cross member boards were to be installed.  He went out on the back deck to supervise, and shortly thereafter, wheeled into the house.  He mumbled that the kids had assured him they would take it from there! As he sat warming up at the woodstove, the kids chattered and worked away.

We have been under yet another “Winter Weather Advisory”.  What is new?  Well, this one was for a band of heavy snow that was to arrive at about 4:30.   The snow was to “hale” the arrival of our Arctic blast of air which will put us into the deep-freeze for the next two or three days.

The kids worked on until…..

Even amidst their displeasure, Mark advised the kids to come on inside for the night as it would soon be dark.  They insisted they could work by the outdoor lights,  but their stomachs finally urged them inside for dinner.

Tomorrow is to be bitterly, bitterly cold, but the kids have a mission! They are talking about how they will finish the ramp for Dad.

Mark called his doctor and talked to her about the situation.  She is going to set up physical therapy for Mark, as the last time he went was about 10 years ago!  We are confident with some proper instruction and exercise, Mark will soon be on his feet again.

In the meantime,  I am so in awe of our amazing kids!  They did such a great job of listening and helping Mark today!  And, we will certainly be saving a bundle of money,  I am sure.  Oh, AND, we needn’t wait until Friday for an estimate!!!