My Family Loves Me….

For the FOOD! They can’t fool me!

Today, I had grandiose plans to make my own take on Spinoccoli from Pizzeria Uno.  Spinoccoli is a thin chicken breast stuffed with spinach, feta, mozzarella, broccoli, and fresh tomatoes, served on a bed of penne in a basil pesto sauce.  Here is a serving….

Everyone loved it. They should have! I made fresh pesto, lightly steamed the spinach and broccoli before baking in the chicken,  pounded the living daylights outta the chicken to make it paper thin, and conjured up my own basil pesto sauce with light cream!  Phew. It really was a lengthy process, but in seeing everyone eat as though they hadn’t seen food in ages, well….

I finished washing the dishes just in time to run the kids off to their Monday evening youth group at the church.  While they were gone, I had to wait for them. Boring, right?

HA! Did you forget I take my camera everywhere?

The following two photos are classified (by moi!) as Artistic Moonshots. Since I had no monopod nor tripod with me,  they are a bit shaky, therefore, “artistic”!  I loved the colors of the clouds surrounding and sometimes covering the moon!

We got home shortly after 9 pm, and after my cooking excursion and running about excursion, I am ready for a sleep excursion!

Monday Mundane Humour?

In reading through comments left on my blog,  I came across Jackie’s remark about how in London, large SUV’s are referred to as “Chelsea Tractors”.  As I giggled to myself,  I suddenly remembered a forgotten photo I took that very day!  (and, I thought to myself, “HOW did I forget that one?  I had thought it so FUNNY!”

Well, just for Jackie, (note that I even spelled the word “humor” with the British “U”? hehehe)

How about a “Bristol Tractor”?

Ayup, this was sitting in a parking space at the little convenience store up the road when I went there to pick up the pizza on Saturday! Although our pickup truck isn’t one of the really “large” ones,  when I parked next to this,  the truck looked dwarfed!  I must tell you, this thing did instill a bit of fear….were we going to get that much snow?

As big and “masculine” as this over-sized vehicle seems, look closely and you can see an orange electrical cord running to it…..hmmm…so the “big boy” ran outta juice eh?