Definitely a “Photo” Day!

Early this afternoon,  I looked out the window and was overwhelmed by the gleaming white mantle of fresh snow in the woods.   It was nearly breathtaking….

The sky was gem-like with its clear blue presence.

Later in the day, Mark asked if I would run out to Canandaigua and pick up some rock salt since Ben and I had used up all the salt the other day after our rain/freezing rain/snow fiasco last week.  When I was at Lowe’s the last time, they were all out of it, and I was told they would have more this weekend.  I jumped at the chance!

Our Arctic weather isn’t set to arrive until mid-week. But,  it is pretty cold out anyway! I hopped into the truck to turn on the ignition while Ben scraped the windows and cleaned the snow off.  I wanted to get a little heat onto the window to help Ben with the windshield! This was the view from the driver’s side window…

I tucked my little Panasonic camera into the inside pocket of my jacket as one never knows when a photo op might just present itself!  I would have brought along my Nikon, but I was afraid it might freeze to death waiting in the cold truck!

As soon as we arrived in Canandaigua,  I had to stop by down at the lake to see what was happening…or not! I looked at the beach, now covered in snow, and the lake looking so frigid, it made me shiver! I remember standing at the head of the lake last summer and snapping photos of happy Labrador Retrievers splashing about in the water! What a contrast!

I was happy to see the footprints where the path leads along the lake. It looks like some hardy folks still bring their favorite doggie companions to walk this path whether it is plowed out or not!

I was a little surprised to see some open water along the shoreline.  Since the water is shallow there, I thought it would be all frozen over.  Well,  ducks and gulls are happy to see the water!

As I looked at this photo after I took it,  I was so impressed by the striking colors.  It was just the perfect day to be out with a camera.  I looked at my photo critically, and came to the conclusion the net result looked as though photo-shopped, although this is just how it came off the card! I thought a proper name for my photo would be “desolate”, but in thinking about it, the place just looks too colorful and happy!

Pleased as punch with what I considered to be my one fantastic photo of the day,  I headed to Lowe’s, but stopped at the plaza next door to go into WalMart first.  As I jumped out of the truck and looked back,  I could not believe what I saw!

We never ever see skies like this in the Bristolwood…..

I love seeing colorful sunsets and after taking my photos of it,  I just stood looking at the sky in wonder.  A girl came up next to me, turned around, and commented, “It sure is pretty, isn’t it?”

Somehow, the word “pretty” just didn’t “cut it”.  This sky was magnificent, awesome, glorious!  Funny, I thought…these are all words we use to describe the Creator whose hands crafted all of this beauty for our good pleasure….

When we got close to home,  I took the frozen back road just to get home a bit faster.  Looking back towards Canandaigua from the top of the hill,  the sun must have been reflecting on the moon through the clouds, causing the moon to appear like a blazing fire hidden behind a veil of darkness….

Well, the little Panasonic does have its limitations.  It cannot compete with the Nikon,  but you can see the moon looking quite orange! The other lights are from houses across the lake.

What a day for photography!