Our Weather Might be Frightful

But, we are warm and safe and….

Sabres game tonight! (and they won a game last night!)

Our weather forecast is calling for “several inches” of snow.  Then right behind this bout of snow is Arctic air. The temperatures are supposed to be the coldest in four years. 

The snow began falling here at about 3 pm.  I had Mark call the store up the road for a pizza about then, and I ran out to get it.  As I drove along the roads, I couldn’t help but think about this horribly annoying sign!

Because we are located in the “Canandaigua Watershed District”,  (all of our runoff ends up in the lake) we must take care with our winter treatment of the roads?  Hmmm….

Here is the state road I had to travel on….

And, welcome to my hill!

It is now after 6 pm and our road still has yet to be plowed! Oh, but think of all the SALT we are saving!  When we first moved here, we had front wheel drive vehicles, and we did pretty well getting up and down the hill.  Then we bought a rear-wheel drive Volvo.  That was before Mark had the injury and we kept it for another year or two.  I did plow the road late at night a couple of times to get us home with the Volvo!  After the Volvo was a rear wheel drive truck. We left it parked at the bottom of the hill a couple of times.  Then came the 4 wheel drive Explorer, and the newest 4 wheel drive pickup.  Thank heaven we were able to buy the 4 wheel drive vehicles! The pickup came right up this afternoon with no problem!