Study of the Red-Breasted Woodpecker

This morning, I was playing around with my Nikon camera after catching sight of the colorful Goldfinches and my little Red-Breasted Woodpecker.  I took many photos and suddenly, my little woodpecker friend did something I have never caught before! It landed on a branch!

If you have looked at my blog for any amount of time, you have seen my brightly colored woodpecker before.  It is always, always sitting with its body against an oak tree.  I was thrilled when it landed on a branch and offered me a look!

Yikes! That beak reminds me of the dentist’s drill!

This bird has such a cute little face!

If you expand the photo below,  you can see where the Red-Breasted Woodpecker gets its name.

Well, my little Goldfinches aren’t woodpeckers, but a funny thing happened yesterday morning….

The finches were making such a racket!  I heard them lifting their voices (almost in a voice of desparation!) when I went outside. When I came back inside, I looked out the bedroom window,  and the finches were nowhere in sight.  As I looked around, I found out why……

Uh huh! Three of these enormous crows were just sitting in trees close to the house, as though bullying the smaller birds.  I opened the window, and as soon as they saw it, the crows flew off, probably to annoy some little birds elsewhere!

I somehow found it humorous (and a little comforting) that my little bird friends need a little human intervention from time to time!