Well, There You Have It….

I  received an email a short time ago, regarding the Ruutu biting incident last night.  Apparently, the (blind) refs at the game didn’t think Ruutu’s behavior warranted punishment.  The NHL, however, saw things differently:

“Jarkko Ruutu claimed that he did not bite Andrew Peters at the HSBC Arena Tuesday night.  The NHL disagreed with the Ottawa Senators forward and suspended him for two games for the second time this season. “

BTW, he was previously disciplined by the league for elbowing an opponent.

In thinking this thing through, I really think players who bite ought to have a special mouth guard created…one shaped to resemble a pacifier.  Oh, and to add a liitle insult to injury?  It ought to be colored PINK!

T’ain’t Pretty Out There!

Good News!!!!

My back doesn’t hurt!

Bad News!!!

There is ice EVERYWHERE! (and yes, we knew it was coming!)

I took the Scotties out first thing this morning, a bit anxious about what was awaiting us.  The radio this morning revealed to me that it is “very bad” out there. (we were told this storm is covering all of New York state!) The Scotties were a bit reluctant to go down the steps,  and there were indeed an icy mess!

Once down the steps, I cautiously went to the front yard where the snow is still about 5 inches deep.  As we walked across the “crust” on top of the snow, it gave way and both the Scotties and I sank, but that was MUCH safer than the sidewalk.  After the boys did their thing, we scooted back inside.

I grabbed a shovel and went back out. Fortunately, I was able to force the shovel into a corner of the steps to break up the ice!

The photo above is the ice I shoveled from the steps. Below, I got down to ground level and photographed the ice.  You can see it is relatively thick….(I turned the flash off on the next two photos, as the flash diminished the shimmer of the ice! The “yellow” is from the light shining down on the sidewalk from the porch)

And for your pleasure, here is another shot at ground level of the sidewalk!

Anyone volunteer to walk to the garage for me? No?

That’s okay.  I already braved it myself!  I carefully went to the garage to get some firewood.  Instead of going the back way, I went on this sidewalk in front of the garage.  It is much shorter!  After grabbing up some wood in my arms,  I snatched up a container of ice melt and made my way back to the house!

It is still dark outside, and I will deal with the ice later, when Ben will be able to help me! For now, tea time!

Fights, Bites, I’ll Say G’night!

Mark recorded the Sabres game tonight against Ottawa. (Canada)  The game was simply amazing.  Mark told me before the game began that as he watched a junior hockey championship game between Canada and Sweden, he wittnessed something he had never seen before.

In case some of my non-US or Canadian readers are not familiar, hockey is a sport that gets rough from time to time.  And, we are told that when roughnecks on opposing teams duke it out on the ice, fans love it.  Every team has their designated “tough guy” who goes out on the ice to rough some feathers.

Well, last night, one of the junior Canadian players did what is known as a “face-wash”.  This means he takes his glove and swipes it over the face of the opposing player.  I suppose this could be a pretty humiliating gesture, but Mark said to his total shock, the Swedish player then BIT the Canadian on the hand!

Forward to tonight’s game.  Our boy, Andrew Peters, got into a bit of a scuffle with Ottawa opponent Jarkko Ruutu. The two jostled about and Peters face-washed Ruutu. Suddenly Peters’s glove fell to the floor and the camera showed Ruutu taking a bite of Peter’s hand! Peters hopped about shaking his hand and yelling that he had been BITTEN!  Good grief! 

To see such behavior in a professional sport is incredible,  but when Andrew Peters was sent to the penalty box,  I was a bit surprised.  When Ruutu received no penalty at all….well!  After Peters served his two minute penalty,  one of the refs raced over to the penalty box to give Andrew a replacement glove as the original was being sent to a lab for DNA testing. 

I was getting a bit distressed by this game, but in the end,  Buffalo won, 4-2, and I felt better.  What a game, though.  Quite strange.

After finishing the game, I went to see what the weather was up to and OH MY!

That is freezing rain coming down at a startling rate.  It is pouring, actually, just like “regular” rain.  In the second photo, a gust of wind blew by just as I snapped the photo!

I am thinking tomorrow might be just a really good day to rest.  Yes, rest, stay in bed and sleep! Don’t get me wrong. I really do love winter, but what does freezing rain have to do with winter?  Oh, and by the way…our thermometer out front says the temperature is about 18 degrees which is WELL below freezing…

G’night, then!