Getting Out…

It had to happen, after all!  I really, really needed to get out today.

The day began in typical fashion…I fed the Scotties, took them out….you know…the “usual”.  As I stood in the kitchen, after coming from the basement with some laundry,  I noticed just how *filthy* the window above the kitchen sink looked.  It was totally disgusting!

Without a thought, I lifted my leg up and over the counter and into the sink.  But WAIT! I am *only* 5’2″! (1 1/2 if one wants to be more concise!)  I pulled the rest of my body up and sat at the side of the sink.  I think the counter measures about 33 or 34 inches from the floor,  so that was a good stretch for this shorty!

I sat on the counter, spraying Windex on the glass and wiping it sparkling clean with a microfibre cloth!  I even hopped down and went outside, opening the window all the way (it cranks out) and wiping it clean from the outside.  I then came in and closed it.  It looked rather mavelously improved. Ahhh.

Suddenly, as I went to stand erect, my shoulders felt as though they were being pulled down by an enormously strong gravitational magnet!  When I *tried* to stand,  I had a noticable pang shoot across my back….oops! Looks like that high leg-kick pulled a muscle!

Ah well.  I continued on with the laundry, then went ouside to take just a few photos!  While perched on the counter, I had seen many footpints in the snow, and became curious to see “who” had been visiting!

Ah, it was a deer who traveled down to the window where the bird feeder sits. I didn’t know deer like sunflower seeds!

It was bitter cold ths morning, but in looking upward, it was hard to believe the weather forecast. Rain? Freezing rain? Snow?  Look at the sky!

Ben kept telling me to look at the snow.  As it rained yesterday morning,  it looks like the raindrops froze immediately upon hitting the snow.  Thus, the snow appeared to have thousands of “diamonds” shimmering on it!

I also managed to find a really cool ice formation!  I don’t know why I am so attracted to ice and snow, but it is just so beautiful!  Ian , from Oz, recently visited the US of A at the Grand Canyon….he describes the snow as “magical”.  I so totally agree!  Every year, as soon as the cold weather sets in, I feel like a kid again, wanting to watch, play in, and just thoroughly enjoy the snow!

Well, reality set in this afternoon, and I realized that Mother Hubbard’s cupboard needed to be replenished. So, off to the grocery store I went.  I spent more time than I wanted shopping, but that frequently happens when I am alone, as I am curious to see everything!

I drove along a road that gives glimpses of the lake below.  As I neared the Bristolwood, the scene was inspiring, to say the least!  It was obvious that a changeable weather front was approaching as the snow could be seen over the lake in the distance.  It was so beautiful, but I was unable to stop on a main highway to take a picture. Sadly….

By the time I got home, the snow was falling like crazy and the kids hurried to help me get the groceries in. We nibbled on fresh oranges and during the Sabres game, we are going to snack on Pepperjack cheese and crackers along with Empire apples with caramel dip!  Ah, gotta love grocery day!!!