Eye, Eye, Eye!

Yesterday, I noticed that my eye seemed to hurt.  I tried to figure out whether it was actually my “eye” or my “eyelid”.  It bothered me so, that after dropping the kids off at the Teen Skate, I wandered over to the store to see if I could see anything in a mirror. 

The eye seemed to be clear and I couldn’t see anything wrong with the eyelid, either.  I removed my contacts, as they are needed mainly for reading, not distance.  That didn’t make any difference at all.

This morning, Michelle looked at the eye and said the eyelid is a little “puffy”.  It hurt today, and the more I moved about, the more sore it got…almost to “throbbing”.  I basically took it easy, and I think it is better.  I still want to just close it! I have never had a sty before, but Mark has…I am wondering if that is what this is.

It seems so ridiculous that a silly pain in the eyelid can mess up your day! Ah well, so I rested and took no photos today.  That means I have to do double tomorrow!!!