Cabin Fever Produced Photos!

This afternoon, Mark thought perhaps I should get out of the house “for awhile”.  Since it was sunny and bright and my trigger finger (camera!) was itching,  I decided to go for a nice ride.  I was just going to go down to the lake,  but then decided I would travel on to the hill country.

Here is a photo from the same spot I took pictures from on Monday.  The difference is there was no snow on Monday! What a change of scenery!

Okay, so I will tell you a little secret about my pictures today.  My feet were FREEZING, so most of my photos were taken from the Explorer. (hanging head in shame….)  Thus, you get this really pretty artistic shot taken from my vehicle. Sorry….my windshield wiper seems to be “showing”!

I took this photo as the snow accentuates all of the ravines and gullies in the hill across the lake.

I drove on south of Naples, looking for a nice place to photgraph.  I went up on a few hilltops, but the scenery was limited.  I got bummed, so I just kept driving southward. I ended up in the little town of Prattsburg. Lucky for me, this little town offered some very nice pictures with its fresh mantle of snow!

I think this is a restaurant/bar…I really liked their pretty wreaths, especially decorated in snow!

Across the street is a really amazing town park.  It features a gazebo and is filled with many pine trees.  I am not sure if they grow there or were placed there, but each was decorated and it was so very pretty!

Across from the park to the north was a church. The building caught my eye as it is impressive….

I found myself attracted to the bell tower, which is fantastic! (not so sure about those speakers, though!)

Somehow, I wasn’t able to ascertain what type of church this is. I saw a sign telling about services and a Christmas candlelight service, but nothing to specify denomination! Ah well, I drove around and caught another glimpse of the town park….

As the sun was getting lower and lower in the sky, I thought my little adventure had better end.  Although the roads were in good shape for the most part, there were areas that were snow-covered and the applied chemicals were not melting the residue.

We really live in an exceptionally scenic area.  We are graced with terrific hill country….

I stopped in Woodville for a few minutes. The boat launch parking lot was unplowed, but others had driven in before me, so I knew I could drive in without any difficulty.  I do have four-wheel drive, after all! I was surprised to see the docks totally encased in ice!  The entire south end of the lake is now frozen.

As I turned to get back into the Explorer, (yes, I did get out!) I caught sight of a gaggle of Canada Geese sitting on the ice at the very edge of the water.  They looked so pretty all lined up.

My little outing was just what I needed.  It was a fabulous day for photography.  With the freshly fallen snow and bitterly cold temperatures,  everything was startlingly gorgeous!

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year to all of my faithful dear readers!

I took this photo just a short time ago….it is picture-perfect-postcard looking outside right now! The temperatures still remain rather nippy, but completely bearable! (it was about -18 Celsius this morning)  The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and we are presented with a whole new “slate”, snow!

Bill in Scotland sensed my less-than-cheerful attitude yesterday, telling me not to complain in his comment, as he stated that I love winter! And, I do!  I was actually feeling a bit in a funk, as the past three days, I was having another “issue” with breathing.  For some unknown reason, after having many, many months with no problems at all,  I suddenly found myself a bit short of breath! (my mother, the retired registered nurse, used to refer to this symptom as SOB..)  Carly and I were talking this morning, and I was telling her I have eaten an unusual amount of pistachio nuts the past few days.  Being very salty, and the fact that I rarely use salt, she wondered if the nuts raised my blood pressure, or if perhaps I have a slight allergy to nuts?  Actually, any type of nuts does some rather aggressive things to my digestive tract….

We called off the get-together for the kids last night, as the snow failed to diminish until late in the afternoon.  The hill we live on is so very steep, and the plows quit running shortly after dinner. I would hate to have parents unable to drive up the hill…Mark agreed it was the right thing to do. 

Mark and the kids celebrated the incoming year, but I went to bed early, as the breathing thing was causing me to grow rather weary!  Usually, when I go to bed, the thing becomes less bothersome and I sleep well.

Has anyone made any new year’s resolutions?  I don’t like such things, as I always feel like a loser if I cannot live up to expectations! Sad, isn’t it?  If I were to make such “wishes”, (yes, that is how I tend to think of them)  I guess mine would be to love the Lord more and serve Him better and take lots of GOOD pictures.  I am never pleased with either of these!

Resolutions, decrees, wishes….or not, I wish you a blessed and peaceful new year!