Oooo, Christmas is Right Around the Corner!

The kids busy themselves with various past times to wile away the hours.  Yes, they are teens, but there is still an air of anticipation in the air.

Here are a few photos I took (secretly) from the bedroom window. The kids were having so much fun and making such noise, they didn’t notice me hanging out the window above them! And yes, that is a little red doggie parka I bought in the clearance bin at Wal Mart several years ago.

Three “kids” out playing on sleds! It didn’t matter that wind chills were below zero and the wind was blowing so hard, their faces were bright red when they came in. (well, except Murphy….perhaps that is why he has a beard)

Murphy has had enough. He looks longingly into Michelle’s face, pleading her to take him inside!

While the winds whistled and howled,  a flock of Goldfinches lighted on the tree outside the bedroom window.  I have never seen so many all at once.  You can see by their various poses that they were “puffed up”  and trying to stay warm! I felt so sorry for them….they really did look cold!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!When Michelle came in, she wasn’t exhausted at all! She frosted snowmen cookies, then baked a batch of Christmas trees!

Wait a minute! Christmas trees for sale?  I tooka closeup so I could examine what my little entrepreneur had written.  When I quizzed her on why her writing so so illegible, she giggled.  She told me she was writing in “jibberish”,  as the trees were NOT really for sale! Funny girl!

Ah, this last photo is of the late afternoon sun just before sunset.  It was so beautiful, even though the day was closing with the same frigid temperatures as it began.

I am still stunned at the weather forecast I heard this afternoon.  There is a good chance our white Christmas is only going to be in our minds! Christmas Eve Day, the temperatures will reach several degrees above freezing with RAIN! Argh!!!!!

Kids and Scotties….

The winds are howling………….it is BITTERLY cold!!!

Ben tells Michelle,  “Let’s go sledding”!

The next thing you know…….

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I need to add that all the noise heard, other than Michelle’s “squeal”, was the wild winds we had today!

What Are Parents Thinking?

My heart nearly stopped beating this afternoon!

Michelle and I were hungry for a pizza, so she called the store up the road and I went to get it.  As I was driving up towards the store, I saw two little boys walking towards the road, giggling and laughing.  They were so short…they must have only been between four and six years old.  I looked in my rear view mirror, wondering where the parents were and why they would allow such little boys near the road!

I picked up the pizza and began making my way back home. As I traveled along, this is what I came upon…

This is a state snowplow. The truck has a huge plow on the front for plowing, and a plow on the side for plowing back the snow from the edges of the road.  This plow was only using the side mounted plow.  As I followed him,  he swerved far into the oncoming lane.  I couldn’t help but wonder what on earth he was thinking as he made this crazy maneuver!

Being such a large truck, it is impossible to see what he is seeing or why he is doing what he is doing.  However, as he passed a bit further, there were the two little boys playing in a mound of snow at the edge of their driveway! They were no more than two or three feet from the road!

This road is 40 miles per hour going through Bristol, then the speed ramps up to 55 miles per hour beyond the town limits.  This happened where the speed zone is still 40, but what a risk these little boys are taking playing near traffic!

I have always had geat admiration for plowmen.  To get up at all hours to plow roads is a task that few would choose…I could never do it.  My admiration grew in leaps and bounds this afternoon as I witnessed this man being so very careful for the safety of two neglected (well, that is my opinion) children! Furthermore, the weather today is very beautiful….one can see well and there is little blowing snow.  What might have happened if the plowman had been blinded by the drifting and blowing blizzard-like conditions that were predicted for this afternoon?

Night Shots at My House

I have wandered about a little getting photos of pretty Christmas lights at night,  but didn’t think to show my own!  They have taken on new “personalities since we were blessed with a covering of snow!

The railings are decorated with LCD lights and they glow so pretty beneath their snowy shroud.  Although they look deeply covered, they really aren’t and they add lots of light to the porch at night!

One of my all-time favorite photos I ever shot was done with my old Olympus C-5050.  It was a nightime photo of the snow-covered Dwarf Alberta Spruce, decked in Christmas lights.  I have bent over the railing and snapped the photo.  This year, I took another of the Spruce decked again….in pretty lights and LOTS of snow! (it reminds me of Sorbet!)

It was so beautiful here in the Bristolwood last night. It was definitely cold, but the snow…the peaceful surroundings, and total quiet was awesome!  I wandered around for quite some time after I took the Scottie boys back inside from their evening constitution.

The wreath on the garage has nevr looked so pretty! I’m not sure why, but it just seems extremely beautiful with the dusting of snow on it!

I took several shots of the wreath, but my favorite was standing out a few feet from the garage and looking up at it.  I was awestruck by the spikes of ligt in the lower left-hand corner!

As with all good things, my little late-night outing ended and I came back indoors to the warmth of the glowing hearth.  Cold doesn’t seem nearly as piercing when I know that upon entering the house I will be greeted by a cozy warm fire!

Snowflakes and Balloons

We went out this afternoon for a little while to do a couple of things in Canandaigua. 

Grumble, grumble, grumble! Why do you insist on carrying that heavy bag around everywhere you go?

That is Mark grumbling. I don’t complain about dragging my big and somewhat heavy camera bag with me.  I know it is kind of big, but it holds my glass and goodies, lest I need them.  I am just stubborn enough that I will never complain, even if that bag is so heavy I can barely lift it! 

As  I was about to swing myself into the truck,  I spotted a bunch of pretty snowflakes beckoning to be photographed!

See? If I didn’t heft that big bag about with me, I would have missed out!

Oh, and how about the Christmas balloons drifting high in the sky? I think the Chrysler dealership was responsible for the balloons!

Just think of the fantastic workout I am getting carrying around my toybox  camera bag!  Ah well,  as much as I love the little Panasonic,  my Nikon really does take better photos.   Of course, the little Panasonic is never far away…..neatly tucked into my pocket, just *in case* I need to take a covert photo real quick!

Oh, and I thought for a brief minute, about adding a category called, “Because I am the way I am”!

I’m Thinking of a WHITE Christmas!

It is so beautiful here in the Bristolwood! Yesterday’s snowstorm dumped about a foot of snow in total.   Well, you know full well that I love the snow and cold and all, so I *had* to take photos!

I went outside and as I poised the camera to take pictures, I heard a distinct sound I’ve not heard since October! (or November)  I couldn’t believe it! Apparently, this group of Canadians have had it with the snow and have decided to move on to warmer, less snowy climes! Note: Canada Geese are frequently seen near Canandaigua Lake, but rarely here in the Bristolwood. I am pretty sure these geese were really moving on south!


 Sorry the photo isn’t more clear…I had put on a shorter lens to take scenic pictures!


 Did you see the snow sparkling in some of these photos?  I just love freshly-fallen snow.  Mark is out plowing and trying to manage all this snow!

We are under a “Winter Storm Watch”, meaning that we are bound to get hit again with another storm.  And, the weatherman says yet aother system might head our way on Christmas Eve Day! 

Definite WHITE Christmas here! Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!


 Yes, that is the four letter word that sums up the word of the day for those of us living in the Northeastern United States. I am going to be brave and make the statement that since the snow stopped about an hour ago, perhaps we are now done.  I think we got maybe a total of eight or nine inches…not too earth-shattering at all.  It sure was pretty while it was coming down, though!

 I took the little Scottie boys out this afternoon and it was rather funny watching their movements in the snow.  Angus loves the snow dearly, and he does this springing forth and hopping motion, whereas Murphy just tends to follow in his “big brother’s” footsteps.

We bravely made our way down the driveway to the mailbox.  The wall of snow left by the plow going by seems to stand about 18 or 20 inches high, but the mailman actually delivered our mail! Angus didn’t stay on the driveway. He must have picked up on a scent and went off to explore a bit.  As I snapped a photo, Angus decided to lick his chops. Not sure what that was about.  I wish this photo was more clear, but the falling snow was so intense, it seems to have buggered up the camera’s sensor.

As we moved alongside the truck in the driveway, both Scots decided that perhaps the best idea was to take refuge *under* the truck!

Angus got all tangled in the tire!  How do you like his Abominable Scottie impersonation?

 After about 20 minutes of outside time, we came back in the house, and Michelle dried the boys with a towel.

Well! Enough of that weather. I will show you the beautiful and unique plant I bought for my mother-in-law for Christmas!

 Yesterday while Ben and I were out, we found some cool things at Wegman’s.  Besides the plant, I bought some pretty things to decorate the skinny tree in the office.  So, I will leave you with this sentiment….stay warm!

Wow…Some Beautiful Christmas Decor

Although I am a great fan of color, as is Mark, if I were to decorate and money was no object, I think I would do something like these…

This is along a beautiful street where homes are very expensive (and awesome!)

I love the carolers….this house just speaks “peace”! Such a simple arrangement but so pretty!

The next house really was my very favorite. They had another little scene with deer, but the nutcrackers!

I was so proud the way the above photo turned out. The sign and the pine boughs of the tree, weighted down with fluffy white (REAL!) snow…it is almost breathtaking! The lighting and decorations in the background draw the eye in a bit deeper to….

The gorgeous life-size nutcrackers dutifully guarding the front door! Who wouldn’t want to visit this house?

I didn’t take a lot of photos, as I was just more or less looking at all the pretty lights!  looking down the street, this is what I saw….

As I made my way home, I passed the Wegman’s barn and hadn’t noticed the Santa and reindeer exhibit before!  I didn’t catch much of Santa and his sleigh, but I love the deer! They are so pretty!

Ben was in the Explorer with me, and I gave him my Panasonic camera so he could take some photos. I’ll have to take a look at Ben’s photos….he took some of more “colorful” decor than I!