I took this photo shortly after posting the last entry here, and I loved the way it turned out…it was still not very light outside, as you can tell!

We are down to “only” one winter advisory now and that is for lake effect snow.  That shouldn’t be too bad, as we seldom get much of that, but….one never knows for sure.  The most annoying aspect of our wintry weather is that it has brought in much colder air than we were enjoying! (oh wait, it *is* winter, after all!)

The kids are expecting some company this evening for an (early!) New Year’s celebration. They will be ending the festivities at 10 pm so they can be safe at home when the clock strikes midnight!

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  1. “Lake effect snow” is what we experienced in NYC at the end of our big American trip a couple of years ago – and we’d been seeing it on the TV in San Francisco before we headed back east. Here, we are sitting in a big, quiet “high”, so that today was cold and foggy/grey – good for Hogmanay revellers!

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