Quiet Day and Great for Photos…

The kids went over to visit one of their friends this afternoon on the other side of the lake.  As I drove them over,  we took the high road, and I (of course) had to stop to take a couple of photos.  Ben groaned loudly as I stepped out of the Explorer…. 

With so much snow melting off in a matter of a couple of days, the runoff into the lake had to be astronomical.  In the photo below, you can see the result of all the  massive runoff in the form of murky, muddy water!

On my way back home after dropping off the kids,  I stopped in Woodville to see if there was anything to photograph.  I was surprised to see men out on the lake fishing.  Although it was bright and sunny today, the lake was rather windy and chilly!

I had to chuckle at the fshing lure hanging in the tree….

I thought I was pleased with the few photos I took today.  No more sky shots. Or, so I thought! After going outside on the porch to see the UPS man, I walked back (towards the west) and YIKES! LOOK at the sky!

*Just* before the sky grew really dark,  I placed the dial of my camera on “P” mode and braced myself against the railing….no monopod,  no tripod!

If you click twice on the photo below,  take a look in the center of the photo, and you can see a red light.  This is a red flashing light on a large tower over at the county park about two miles away! I was so psyched to actually catch that light! Especially since I held my breath and counted to 8 seconds!

And, since I was feeling so *smug*, I took another photo off the front of the porch, looking southward.  In this photo, I captured a star! (at the treetops!)

Well, that is it. I have decided that I would rather take photos of nature than Christmas lights! Much less “fussy”!