WooHoo! Hang onto Your Hat

For the past many days, every time I have looked at the weather online,  a little red warning banner has spanned across the report.  It has varied with many themes….snow warnings,  winter advisories,  and blowing and drifting snow alerts.  Yesterday, with temperatures soaring well above freezing, the banner showed up again…this time warning of flooding and ponding on roadways. 

Today, the little red banner appeared like clockwork again.  Today’s warning?  High winds!  We were advised that another front was going to be pressing in late this morning, causing damaging winds. 

When I was working in the bedroom this morning,  I loved the way the sun lit up the hill across the valley from us….

I went outside for a bit this morning, and looking up at the sky, it was hard to believe those high wind warnings!  It was so beautiful!

Michelle and I went out late this morning to power wash the truck and Explorer.  As long as the temperature was above the freezing mark, we thought it would be good to wash off the messy brine from the road that had accumulated on them.  It didn’t take long and they surely looked improved after the little bath.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to go out.  By this time, the winds were beginning to really whip about.  We went up by the mall and the kids asked if they might run in for a few minutes. While Mark and the Scotts and I waited for them, we actually had to start the truck to warm it up a bit, as the winds blew and made the truck cool off so fast!

It is easy to see in the above photo how the traffic lights were swaying like kites in the breezes!  We were certainly ready to leave the area and head home when the kids finished looking around! As we drove back up onto the main road, the lights shown above, along with several others were out! Oops….high winds often mean no electricity!

When we returned home, the house had also cooled off to the point that I needed to quickly get a fire going in the woodstove!  Wow! It is so hard deciding how to dress, whether a fire is necessary or not, etc, in this wildly fickle weather! The winds are still blasting through the woods….home sure feels so good tonight!