Saturday Skies…

We decided to go up to Henrietta,  a suburb of Rochester (also known as a shopping mecca to Rochestarians) today.  Mark was wanting to shop for some stain for a table he is refinishing.  Since we weren’t going to be anywhere to take awesome photos,  my family watched me drag along my big, bulky camera bag and collectively shook their heads….

Well, all I can say is that even when there isn’t really anything to photograph,  one *can* find something! Case in point today is the awesome sky!  I took photos at different times throughout the day and I just bet there is one in this series that might catch *your* eye!

I really like the photo with the traffic light.   What a terrific day this was for sky shots!

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  1. The skies were equally fantastic this morning. If I had the energy, I would be out taking pictures now, but I am too tired. On my way home from work I saw some pretty neat photo ops. Too bad I can’t take my camera to work with me… Oh wait, I wouldn’t get any baking done if I did that!

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