Saturday Skies…

We decided to go up to Henrietta,  a suburb of Rochester (also known as a shopping mecca to Rochestarians) today.  Mark was wanting to shop for some stain for a table he is refinishing.  Since we weren’t going to be anywhere to take awesome photos,  my family watched me drag along my big, bulky camera bag and collectively shook their heads….

Well, all I can say is that even when there isn’t really anything to photograph,  one *can* find something! Case in point today is the awesome sky!  I took photos at different times throughout the day and I just bet there is one in this series that might catch *your* eye!

I really like the photo with the traffic light.   What a terrific day this was for sky shots!

We Get Weather….Whether or NOT!

Mark and the kids were getting antsy yesterday afternoon, so the three of them set out to Canandaigua just to get some fresh air.  I stayed home with the Scottie boys and enjoyed some total quiet. Ahhh!

Before Mark left, he called me outside to have a look at the top of the driveway.  Can you say “icy sliding board”?

Yes, I know….what a strange thing….how did I happen to have my camera handy?  Well, in all honesty, I didn’t.  I went in the house and got it after everyone left.  After all, I know a good photo op when I see one!

With the “up and down” weather we have here,  we now have what I call “miracle snow”.  I call it that because people can now miraculously walk on top of the snow!  It fell so beautifully, then was “polished” by winds, strengthened by freezing rain and sleet,  then the final burnishing winds gave it a nice “lustre”! Oh, and by the way?  If  one plans on walking upon this miracle snow,  they would be well-advised to wear some of those spiky little things on the bottom of their shoes (you know those metal spikes advertised in magazines)…..this stuff is *majorly* slippery!

It was growing late and the sun was wanting to head on over the hills.  As I looked at it, I was uncertain what today would bring….that sky looks very, very unsettled to me!

Oh, and Hey! While I was out in the driveway, I noticed that someone in the family left me the coolest little ice sculpture! Yes, I *am*  an opportunist with the camera!  Apparently, someone left thier ice water in a cup holder in the truck and it formed such a beautiful little gem!

Lucky me….the sun steaked across the sky for one last “hurrah” before heading over the hills.  It gave such a pretty sparkling effect on my subject!

Hmmm….so you don’t like the look of our weather yesterday?  HA! No problemo!  This morning,  Mr. Murphy decided I should get up before 5 am and feed his little rumbling tummy.  As I gained consciousness,  I heard rain.  No, not just a gentle rain, but harsh, pounding rain on the roof!

I washed a few dishes that were left on the counter, then fed the ravenously hungry little boys.  As they finished up,  I put on my winter jacket.  We headed out the door and it “hit” me!  Instead of freezing cold breezes slapping my face,  I was faced with much warmer air than I expected!

As we trounced down the steps to the ground below,  all of the ice on the driveway has been washed away! It looks like a new day with a completely different set of scenery!  Ah, you really gotta love weather…..whether, or not!