He is Still the Reason for the Season!

Yesterday, we spent a considerable amount of time in the living room, so I switched on the little light on the nativity scene.  As I did so, I carefully looked at the little manger scene…..

My father-in-law had given us the set as he was moving from his apartment into a nursing home in October of 2004.  This was one of his little “treasures”….having grown up in the Catholic church, every year at Christmas,  the very important nativity set came out.

Mark told me that his dad had crafted the little stable from plywood, bark, and moss.  He drilled a small hole in the back so he could mount a nightlight bulb in the stable to light it up.  In looking at the figurines, I spotted a little “Japan” label on the bottom of one of the wise men.  The original Mary figurine had broken, and he replaced it with one that is unbreakable.

When we took the box containing the manger scene home on a very cold October day, we had no way of knowing that Mark’s dad would leave us in just a few short months, in January, 2005.  I am glad we took that little nativity scene,  as we never had one before.  It is very pretty, and sitting on a table near the front door,  it is a good reminder for us about the reason we celebrate at Christmas!

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  1. I grew up in an Italian Catholic family. The Nativity scene was alway very important to us. It’s nice that you have one with such memories attached to it. I have one from the Vatican from a trip when I was in my 20’s. It is very simple and handmade and unsigned. We enjoy it every year.

  2. That is lovely. My church has a similar Nativity crib, but (funny the things you notice when you’re supposed to be reverent and prayerful) I noticed that the camel was completely out of proportion to the rest of the set (I guess it was a later addition) and was far too small – actually it reminded me of the velociraptors in Jurassic Park, bizarrely! I’m sure God didn’t mind me having a little laugh to myself. The service itself was lovely, just what I needed.

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