It’s Almost Here!

Even though some radio stations have gone to “72 hours of Christmas music” with no interruptions, it seems hard to believe it is almost Christmas!  Harder still to believe we will be turning the page on a new calendar in just a few days!

The kids had two of their friends over this afternoon and for dinner.  I always enjoy having the kids over as it is fun talking to them.  They went sled riding through our woods for quite a long time before coming in to get warm and watch an old movie. (Holiday Inn)  The weather was much kinder today than yesterday, with not only warmer temperatures, but also decreased wind!

Mark didn’t feel very well this morning when he woke up. His stomach was feeling out of sorts.  As the day progressed, he did feel better.  I made him a tiny portion of rice and he ate that and sipped on water that I flavored with a small amount of raspberry iced tea.  He also ate one of the rolls I made for dinner.  In between taking sips of the water, he slept some and I think that helped a lot!

As I treaded up the stairs tonight, I was disappointed I hadn’t taken any pictures today.  Just as I was about to flop onto the bed, I noticed a beautiful flower on my white Christmas cactus.

While my other cactus has had many flowers on it, this cactus seems like it is having a hard time producing even one flower!

A busy but enjoyable day.

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  1. Hope Mark is on the mend. One shouldn’t be sick during the holidays. I’ve never seen a white blossom on a Christmas cactus before. It’s very pretty. Hold onto your hats tomorrow as there is a wind storm headed our way. Or at least OUR way.. I think though the warning covered your area too.

  2. That flower is gorgeous! I keep looking at the Christmas cacti at work and think I should buy one, then I remind myself of my black thumb with indoor plants. Perhaps when my children are older I will have more time to remember to care for something that can’t yell or bark at me when it needs something…:)

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