Oooo, Christmas is Right Around the Corner!

The kids busy themselves with various past times to wile away the hours.  Yes, they are teens, but there is still an air of anticipation in the air.

Here are a few photos I took (secretly) from the bedroom window. The kids were having so much fun and making such noise, they didn’t notice me hanging out the window above them! And yes, that is a little red doggie parka I bought in the clearance bin at Wal Mart several years ago.

Three “kids” out playing on sleds! It didn’t matter that wind chills were below zero and the wind was blowing so hard, their faces were bright red when they came in. (well, except Murphy….perhaps that is why he has a beard)

Murphy has had enough. He looks longingly into Michelle’s face, pleading her to take him inside!

While the winds whistled and howled,  a flock of Goldfinches lighted on the tree outside the bedroom window.  I have never seen so many all at once.  You can see by their various poses that they were “puffed up”  and trying to stay warm! I felt so sorry for them….they really did look cold!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!When Michelle came in, she wasn’t exhausted at all! She frosted snowmen cookies, then baked a batch of Christmas trees!

Wait a minute! Christmas trees for sale?  I tooka closeup so I could examine what my little entrepreneur had written.  When I quizzed her on why her writing so so illegible, she giggled.  She told me she was writing in “jibberish”,  as the trees were NOT really for sale! Funny girl!

Ah, this last photo is of the late afternoon sun just before sunset.  It was so beautiful, even though the day was closing with the same frigid temperatures as it began.

I am still stunned at the weather forecast I heard this afternoon.  There is a good chance our white Christmas is only going to be in our minds! Christmas Eve Day, the temperatures will reach several degrees above freezing with RAIN! Argh!!!!!

Kids and Scotties….

The winds are howling………….it is BITTERLY cold!!!

Ben tells Michelle,  “Let’s go sledding”!

The next thing you know…….

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I need to add that all the noise heard, other than Michelle’s “squeal”, was the wild winds we had today!