What Are Parents Thinking?

My heart nearly stopped beating this afternoon!

Michelle and I were hungry for a pizza, so she called the store up the road and I went to get it.  As I was driving up towards the store, I saw two little boys walking towards the road, giggling and laughing.  They were so short…they must have only been between four and six years old.  I looked in my rear view mirror, wondering where the parents were and why they would allow such little boys near the road!

I picked up the pizza and began making my way back home. As I traveled along, this is what I came upon…

This is a state snowplow. The truck has a huge plow on the front for plowing, and a plow on the side for plowing back the snow from the edges of the road.  This plow was only using the side mounted plow.  As I followed him,  he swerved far into the oncoming lane.  I couldn’t help but wonder what on earth he was thinking as he made this crazy maneuver!

Being such a large truck, it is impossible to see what he is seeing or why he is doing what he is doing.  However, as he passed a bit further, there were the two little boys playing in a mound of snow at the edge of their driveway! They were no more than two or three feet from the road!

This road is 40 miles per hour going through Bristol, then the speed ramps up to 55 miles per hour beyond the town limits.  This happened where the speed zone is still 40, but what a risk these little boys are taking playing near traffic!

I have always had geat admiration for plowmen.  To get up at all hours to plow roads is a task that few would choose…I could never do it.  My admiration grew in leaps and bounds this afternoon as I witnessed this man being so very careful for the safety of two neglected (well, that is my opinion) children! Furthermore, the weather today is very beautiful….one can see well and there is little blowing snow.  What might have happened if the plowman had been blinded by the drifting and blowing blizzard-like conditions that were predicted for this afternoon?

Night Shots at My House

I have wandered about a little getting photos of pretty Christmas lights at night,  but didn’t think to show my own!  They have taken on new “personalities since we were blessed with a covering of snow!

The railings are decorated with LCD lights and they glow so pretty beneath their snowy shroud.  Although they look deeply covered, they really aren’t and they add lots of light to the porch at night!

One of my all-time favorite photos I ever shot was done with my old Olympus C-5050.  It was a nightime photo of the snow-covered Dwarf Alberta Spruce, decked in Christmas lights.  I have bent over the railing and snapped the photo.  This year, I took another of the Spruce decked again….in pretty lights and LOTS of snow! (it reminds me of Sorbet!)

It was so beautiful here in the Bristolwood last night. It was definitely cold, but the snow…the peaceful surroundings, and total quiet was awesome!  I wandered around for quite some time after I took the Scottie boys back inside from their evening constitution.

The wreath on the garage has nevr looked so pretty! I’m not sure why, but it just seems extremely beautiful with the dusting of snow on it!

I took several shots of the wreath, but my favorite was standing out a few feet from the garage and looking up at it.  I was awestruck by the spikes of ligt in the lower left-hand corner!

As with all good things, my little late-night outing ended and I came back indoors to the warmth of the glowing hearth.  Cold doesn’t seem nearly as piercing when I know that upon entering the house I will be greeted by a cozy warm fire!