Snowflakes and Balloons

We went out this afternoon for a little while to do a couple of things in Canandaigua. 

Grumble, grumble, grumble! Why do you insist on carrying that heavy bag around everywhere you go?

That is Mark grumbling. I don’t complain about dragging my big and somewhat heavy camera bag with me.  I know it is kind of big, but it holds my glass and goodies, lest I need them.  I am just stubborn enough that I will never complain, even if that bag is so heavy I can barely lift it! 

As  I was about to swing myself into the truck,  I spotted a bunch of pretty snowflakes beckoning to be photographed!

See? If I didn’t heft that big bag about with me, I would have missed out!

Oh, and how about the Christmas balloons drifting high in the sky? I think the Chrysler dealership was responsible for the balloons!

Just think of the fantastic workout I am getting carrying around my toybox  camera bag!  Ah well,  as much as I love the little Panasonic,  my Nikon really does take better photos.   Of course, the little Panasonic is never far away…..neatly tucked into my pocket, just *in case* I need to take a covert photo real quick!

Oh, and I thought for a brief minute, about adding a category called, “Because I am the way I am”!

I’m Thinking of a WHITE Christmas!

It is so beautiful here in the Bristolwood! Yesterday’s snowstorm dumped about a foot of snow in total.   Well, you know full well that I love the snow and cold and all, so I *had* to take photos!

I went outside and as I poised the camera to take pictures, I heard a distinct sound I’ve not heard since October! (or November)  I couldn’t believe it! Apparently, this group of Canadians have had it with the snow and have decided to move on to warmer, less snowy climes! Note: Canada Geese are frequently seen near Canandaigua Lake, but rarely here in the Bristolwood. I am pretty sure these geese were really moving on south!


 Sorry the photo isn’t more clear…I had put on a shorter lens to take scenic pictures!


 Did you see the snow sparkling in some of these photos?  I just love freshly-fallen snow.  Mark is out plowing and trying to manage all this snow!

We are under a “Winter Storm Watch”, meaning that we are bound to get hit again with another storm.  And, the weatherman says yet aother system might head our way on Christmas Eve Day! 

Definite WHITE Christmas here! Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!