Yes, that is the four letter word that sums up the word of the day for those of us living in the Northeastern United States. I am going to be brave and make the statement that since the snow stopped about an hour ago, perhaps we are now done.  I think we got maybe a total of eight or nine inches…not too earth-shattering at all.  It sure was pretty while it was coming down, though!

 I took the little Scottie boys out this afternoon and it was rather funny watching their movements in the snow.  Angus loves the snow dearly, and he does this springing forth and hopping motion, whereas Murphy just tends to follow in his “big brother’s” footsteps.

We bravely made our way down the driveway to the mailbox.  The wall of snow left by the plow going by seems to stand about 18 or 20 inches high, but the mailman actually delivered our mail! Angus didn’t stay on the driveway. He must have picked up on a scent and went off to explore a bit.  As I snapped a photo, Angus decided to lick his chops. Not sure what that was about.  I wish this photo was more clear, but the falling snow was so intense, it seems to have buggered up the camera’s sensor.

As we moved alongside the truck in the driveway, both Scots decided that perhaps the best idea was to take refuge *under* the truck!

Angus got all tangled in the tire!  How do you like his Abominable Scottie impersonation?

 After about 20 minutes of outside time, we came back in the house, and Michelle dried the boys with a towel.

Well! Enough of that weather. I will show you the beautiful and unique plant I bought for my mother-in-law for Christmas!

 Yesterday while Ben and I were out, we found some cool things at Wegman’s.  Besides the plant, I bought some pretty things to decorate the skinny tree in the office.  So, I will leave you with this sentiment….stay warm!