Wow…Some Beautiful Christmas Decor

Although I am a great fan of color, as is Mark, if I were to decorate and money was no object, I think I would do something like these…

This is along a beautiful street where homes are very expensive (and awesome!)

I love the carolers….this house just speaks “peace”! Such a simple arrangement but so pretty!

The next house really was my very favorite. They had another little scene with deer, but the nutcrackers!

I was so proud the way the above photo turned out. The sign and the pine boughs of the tree, weighted down with fluffy white (REAL!) snow…it is almost breathtaking! The lighting and decorations in the background draw the eye in a bit deeper to….

The gorgeous life-size nutcrackers dutifully guarding the front door! Who wouldn’t want to visit this house?

I didn’t take a lot of photos, as I was just more or less looking at all the pretty lights!  looking down the street, this is what I saw….

As I made my way home, I passed the Wegman’s barn and hadn’t noticed the Santa and reindeer exhibit before!  I didn’t catch much of Santa and his sleigh, but I love the deer! They are so pretty!

Ben was in the Explorer with me, and I gave him my Panasonic camera so he could take some photos. I’ll have to take a look at Ben’s photos….he took some of more “colorful” decor than I!