Alas, the New Day Dawns

And the new day has brought some rather ugly precipitation along with it! 

I get up long before the light of day breaks.  I typically come downstairs and feed the Scotties and then take them out for a little exercise and so they may relieve themselves.  I love this little time, as it is always so quiet.  I was looking forward to our outing this morning, as some snow fell last night, and I enjoy watching the two Scots play about in it.

As we walked down the stairs,  it was evident there was *not only* snow, but some ugly stuff on top of the snow!  I braced myself, thinking one false move and I might be lying flat on my back at the bottom of the steps!  It wasn’t like that at all, though….

The snow had thin layer of crusty ice on top of it, but the most surprising annoying element was the RAIN falling on us, even though the temperature was well below the freezing mark on the thermometer!  Needless to say, neither the Scots, nor I desired to linger in this sloppy mess of weather!  The boys “did their thing” and our trio hastened into the house to retreat!

Of course,  knowing that the temperature was not going to be too cold, I decided to allow the fire to die out last evening. So, the house was now rather chilly!  As the Scotties lounged about watching, I scrambled out to the woodshed to gather the necessities for fire-starting.  I got the fire started, then sat with the “boys” watching and eventually feeling the warmth enveloping us.

As the light of day began to break,  I went out on the porch to begin shoveling.  The wind had blown a slight covering of snow across the front porch, so I began there.  As I moved to the western edge,  I saw something that made me go get the camera!

I’m not sure why, but we often have itty bitty birdie footprints on the porch! Aren’t they cute?  I shoveled the porch and sidewalk and walkways between house and garage, then came inside to warm up.

Jackie made a comment about the decorations on our Christmas tree, so I thought I would reveal how sparsely  it really is decorated! The thing that makes it  so beautiful is that it must have a zillion (slight exaggeration here) lights on it!

Many of the ornaments were made by yours truly many, many years ago! There are crocheted angels, hmm…I only see one crocheted snowflake, and several embroidered shapes I made some thirty (YIKES!) years ago! The kids also put on various baubles they found in a box, along with garlands. Oh, and candy canes!  I really like the star they found at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. They tell me it is made of paper mache.

Well, as I said earlier, the Scots are flopped about, lounging, and observing.

This particular pose has earned my wee fella the title “Muphy, the Flopscot”!

Our winter weather is supposed to bring a bit more freezing “drizzle”, then dissipate by midday.  And so, I shall sit back and relax, stoke the fire, and help the kids if they need help with their schoolwork!