Of Crunchy Ground and a Note to Mom and Dad

This afternoon as I made my way across the front of the house (in the woods, not where the lawn is) I could hear the crunching sound of frozen earth crumbling beneath my feet.  Not being one to miss an opportunity to take another photo, I got my camera and went down where this phenomenon occurred. I found an area that was mossy and the surface of the moss had spread out some.  The result was little icy “tubules” that had formed.

Not being particularly scientific, (yeah, Carly, go ahead and laugh!) I have no clue as to the mechanics of this, other than it is “nature”!

On another note, this is for my mom and dad.  They had given us their larger artificial Christmas tree, as they recently got a new television that takes up a bit more space and wanted a smaller, thin tree.  We could have traded our “skinny” tree, but they had already purchased one, so we now have two trees….one in the living room and one in the office.

When we got home Sunday evening, the new tree came into the house and sat in its box for only about 45 minutes before it was out and up! The kids were happy to put it up and decorate!

Thanks Mom and Dad! The new tree looks so good in the front corner of the living room!

Flakin’ Out!

It is a pretty chilly morning here in the Bristolwood.  Yesterday, we experienced warm southerly breezes that melted all of our snow, so the woods are back to their basic “naked: look.   Thinking that the snowless woods might be fun to wander through, I dressed in warm garb and took a short ride on the ATV.  I was amazed at the amount of wood on the ground, which assures us another warm house *next* winter!

I came back down and went in the house. As I was working in the bedroom, Angus began baking like crazy. Since he wouldn’t shut up, I surmised someone was here-sure enough, a knock came on the door.

I pounced down the stairs to find the FedEx guy at the door.  He had come to pick up a box from Mark. I readied the box and he took it away.  As I entered the house, Mark asked me to get a tracking number from the guy. I ran out on the porch in my socks and believe me, that decking was COLD! (it is 11 degrees Fahrenheit, which is -12 Celsius!) I called out to him and he said he would get me the information after he put the package in the truck.

I stood waiting as the fellow looked up the number and scribbled it on a scrap of paper.  As I waited, something caught my eye!  There is the finest, almost silk-like snow “in the air”.  It doesn’t appear to be snowing, the flakes are just “there”.  Thus, my eyes lighted on two tiny flakes that had landed on the electric wires of the lights on the porch railing.  I almost called out to the guy to “speed it up!!!”, as I had (yet another) serious self-imposed assignment awaiting!

As soon as he left, I bounded up the stairs, grabbed my camera, and hurried out the door, still in my socks!

And, there, Dear Reader, you have it! I realized that those who also persue photographic endeavors would certainly understand the necessity of this entry!

Even as I am typing, the weatherman on the radio has reported (yet another) winter weather advisory. This time, it is from this afternoon, until tomorrow afternoon….snow, sleet, freezing rain, and more snow!