How About…

Some more pretty Christmas lights?

This evening, the kids decided to attend the youth group over at the church in Middlesex.  Mark also needed to drop the truck at the Chevy garage in Canandaigua for some warranty work.  I had to deliver some supplies in Canandaigua as well.  So…

Mark drove the kids in the truck to the church and I took the Explorer to make my delivery.  As I parked along Main Street, I saw two of these trucks….

Has anyone else seen these “mobile billboards”?  They have ads on the back and sides. I guess they are kind of cool, but could they possible be a (nother, along with cigarettes and cell phones!) detriment to those traversing the highways and biways? I mean, how many drivers do you know can handle keeping on the road as well as writing down some bit of information?

Since time was going to be tight, I made the delivery in record time, then hopped into the Explorer to venture forth into the land of Christmas lights! I didn’t need to travel very far, as there are some exquisite Victorian homes that lend themselves to bright lights and all sorts of Christmas decor!

If you click on the first photo, it expands and the lights seem to suddenly appear! This huge Victorian has one of those “lookouts” high in the air, and even it was decked in bright lights!

Just a couple doors down is a pretty house all decked….

And another stunning Victorian….

We did our running about in Canandaigua, then headed south to pick the kids up at the church.  After getting them, we began our way home.  As we passed through the village of Middlesex,  I just had to make Mark stop so I could photograph this next house. It is an old home and it looks just like a wedding cake with tons of “frosting”! (lights)

Not too many pretty lights, I am afraid, but we were rushing about.

When I was a child, I remember we would all hop into the car and drive all over the city, looking at all the Christmas lights. I would get so excited and I think that childlike thrill still remains with me.  I could spend days just looking at all the decorations!