Journey to the Other Side…

Of the lake, that is!

Michelle had made plans to go to a movie with two of her friends.  After the movie, her friend’s mother was going to pick the girls up and Michelle was to spend the night at their home.  They live over on the other side of Canandaigua Lake where it is less wooded, and more farmland.  I had to pick one of the girls up and then take Michelle and her to the theater.

Yesterday was such a snow day, but when I went upstairs to get ready to go out, the sun and bright blue skies burst forth! The sun reflecting off all the newly fallen snow made it so bright in the bedroom, I almost needed sunglasses!

Michelle was so excited to spend the night with her friend, Amanda, as she has miniature horses. Amanda loves them, and she was excited to show them to Michelle!  As we passed along the road, I was a little surprised to see an Amish horse and buggy in front of us! This photo was taken through my (endlessly dirty) windshield, so it is a bit “fuzzy”.  Actually, the atmospheric conditions were such that everything appeared a bit fuzzy!

As we picked Amanda up at her house, the Amish buggy passed by….what a pretty sight with the hills in the distance!

After dropping the girls off at the theater,  I had to make a delivery of some supplies to a store downtown Canandaigua, then run back the other way again, to our bank.  I have wanted to photograph this building for some time, as it is so beautiful with tons of Christmas lights!

Once again, not the greatest photo, but taken from the window of my Explorer, stopping only momentarily so as not to disrupt traffic…

Canandaigua is really a small city, but it is quite spread out from east to west.  I was bouncing back and forth from one side of the city to the other, running these errands, but it was kind of fun. As I was driving about, though, all of the blue and sunny skies disappeared once again, and the snow began to fall.  It wasn’t a heavy snowfall…just the pretty picturesque kind!

After I went to the bank, I called Mark and he ordered fish fries for Ben, himself, and me.  And so, I headed back downtown once again! This time, I passed a couple of businesses to get to the restaurant, so I took a few photos! Oh, but before those, I took this (quickly so as not to get run over and become one with the pavement on Main Street!) picture of the Christmas trees in the median.

 Canandaigua National Bank had two wreaths hanging on their widows. I liked this photo best….

Then, there is the Goodie II Shoppe! I absolutely LOVE the way they decorate! Their  window designer deserves a hats-off!  Does this cozy little shop not beckon one to come inside?

One of their windows had this display of a deer and a young deer….isn’t this pretty?

I picked up the dinners and rushed home as quickly as possible. The meal was fantastic! After dinner, we watched a Sabres game, but I was so tired from getting up so early yesterday morning, I trudged off to bed shortly after nine!  I must have been exceedingly tired as I didn’t wake up this morning until 6:45!  Of course, I was gravely disappointed when I checked the score from last night’s game and found the Sabres lost to Toronto, 2:1.

I had to scurry a bit, as I needed to pick Michelle up again this morning at 8:30. 

Here is a photo of one of Amanda’s three miniature horses….(wearing pajamas, as it is quite cold!)

As we came up to a stop sign at the end of the road, I had Michelle take a couple of photos showing the beautiful scenery on this side of the lake….It sure is pretty! (again, the atmospheric conditions were a bit “weird” this morning.

Now, the sun is shining, the skies are intensely sapphire, and it is freezing!!!! out there! Tomorrow, the temps will skyrocket far above freezing. Nutty weather….