Wintry Bristolwood Scenes

All day yesterday,  the weather was the big news. Over and over again, the reports repeated the news that a winter weather advisory  was in effect to our south and east.  It seemed that everyone was going to get snow,  except us!  I looked at Wunderground last night before going to bed…yup, the weather was the same as all day yesterday….”light snow” through our region.  I admit, I got so resentful, I turned the radio off so I would not have to hear it again! Perhaps the resentment manifested as exhaustion…I trudged off to bed well before ten o’clock.

I am assuming my early bedtime resulted in my awakening at 3:45 am.  I looked at the clock and rolled over to go back to sleep, but it was all in vain! Try as I might, sleep evaded me.  I finally decided it was futile to fight and got up with the Scotties.  I think both of them wondered why I was up *so* early!  I fed them and turned on the light on the back deck.  I was totally shocked to see several inches of SNOW deposited there!

Wait a minute! When I awakened at 3:45, the snowplow went up and down our road….I should have known!

The minute the boys were done eating their breakfast,  I rushed them outside.  It was so much fun watching them frolic and hop about in the white stuff! Their little legs were far too short for them to rise up above the snow….they kind of resembled moles making their way about the yard.

The snowplow came up the road once again at about 6:45, and the road was in need of another plowing as it was totally snow-covered once again.  As I heard it coming, I quickly ran and got my Panasonic camera, hoping to get a photo. It was still dark….but dawn was on the horizon!

I took this shot out the French door at the back of the house, looking up into the woods a little later, after the light of day had broken.

I haven’t been this excited in a long time! Now the kids and I can call their friends and go sledding!  Yeah…well, one little “detail”….after bitterly cold temperatures tonight (about -11C.) we are supposed to be about 11 C. on Monday, then hover near freezing the following days.  Talk about roller coaster weather!!!

I filled the birdfeeder very full this morning, and the birds have been flitting about on and off all day.  At one point, it looked as though the tree outside the window was moving! There must have been well over thirty birds in it!

I mentioned I had bought some flowers last night.  In trying to make a Christmasy arrangement, I wanted to “keep it simple” , so I finally decided on red carnations with baby’s breath.

Very simple, but I love the colors!

It is still snowing or snowing again. Not too sure which as I have been busy doing other things!  For those in the snowy areas, take care, and keep warm!

The Canandaigua Lights Mission!

The kids had their Bible study last night, but instead of the study, they were having a Christmas party! I decided that while they were at the party, I would go downtown and take some photos of the pretty Christmas lights.

Before I could go on my self-imposed mission,  I headed to the post office to mail some letters,  and went on a brief shopping excursion at Wegman’s.  While in Wegman’s I couldn’t believe the gorgeous display of Christmas Cacti! They had three colors featured, and the display was so fantastic, but Wegman’s does not allow photography in the store unless first cleared with the store manager. I did buy some flowers, but I will show those in my next post!

I was starving, as I had eaten little all day.  I tried to think what I really wanted, so I pulled out my cell phone while shopping in Wegman’s.  I did a “Live Search”  and got the number for the local Applebee’s….made a quick call,  finished shopping,  then picked up my Smothered Chicken dinner curbside!  I decided I would eat “downtown”,  so I pulled into a parking spot and leisurely ate my meal while listening to Christnas music on the radio! All that was missing was a candle, but hey, cannot get too carried away! I must admit, perhaps I treasured the quiet and solitude a bit *too* much!

I had parked not too far from the little park downtown and was anxious to take some photos, as I spotted some pretty Chrsitmas trees lighted there.

Hmmm….that tiny little yellow house?  That is where Santa spends time when he comes to visit the children in Canandaigua…..and look! The door is open!

I covertly was able to take a photo of Santa….I think he was checking his list! As I took a few photos, Santa suddenly spotted me! He waved “hello”, then urged me to come over to visit! Well, who can resist a visit with Santa, after all?

He showed me around the itty bitty house.  It was adorable!  The house is a new one…built and decorated by local professionals and students!

I was somewhat shocked that as Santa and I visited with one another, not one child came to the house!  Santa told me all about the house and its construction,  pointing out with some fondness the beautiful fireplace!  (shhh….I even found out Santa’s “day job”!)  He really was a “right jolly old elf”, although not really old!

When  I glanced down at the time on my cell phone, I realized my “mission” had to draw to a close, as the kids would need to be picked up at the church in just a short time.  I pulled away from my parking space, feeling a little disappointed I hadn’t gotten many photos, but happy I got to talk to Santa!

When I dropped the kids off at the church earlier, I had noticed the facade had been decked in all sorts of pretty lights.  I was going to try to photograph them….they were so nice! I pulled into the parking lot and got out, trying to find just the right vantage point from which to shoot.  Because of the intensity of the lights, I thought they would be easy to capture. Boy, was I wrong! I spent over 20 minutes snapping photo after photo, deleting most!  These were the best….although disappointing!  You can see why I found the decor so pretty, though! Oh, and the stained glass windows! They came out pretty!

The kids came out telling me about the delicious food they had served at the party, and what fun they had! I drove back home the same road we had come on….my eyes nearly bulging from their sockets as I searched the roadside for deer. You see,  on our way *to* the study,  a huge buck limped slowly in front of the Explorer! I had dimmed my headlights as an opposing car had just passed….I could not believe my eyes as the big deer seemed to just “suddenly” appear.  Thankfully,  I was traveling at a very resonable speed, and the road was perfectly clear!  The downside was that Michelle was distressed, as she was convinced the deer had been shot in his leg, causing a severe limp.  I did explain that sometimes deer land wrong, just as we do, causing an injury that would produce a limp….

We arrived safely at home and celebrated Angus’s birthday with a wee party for the boy. He got a stuffed toy, which he dutifully “disembodied” almost immediately! So much for that toy!  He and Murphy also were treated to some doggie treats.  A very nice ending to a very busy but delightful day!