Happy Birthday #6, Angus!

Ah yes, six years ago, our little Angus was born!

I had been wanting a Scottie pup so badly, and after finding a website of a girl who lived about 35 miles from us, I called on a whim, hoping she might have a Scottie pup for us.  I called her on December 12, 2002, and she told me she had puppies whelped the night before!

I called the girl a few more times, after she decided we would make a suitable family for one of the pups.  We also visited twice before finally taking our wee laddie home to the Bristolwood.  Below is a photo of the pupcake the girl sent….

Mark was certain I had been mistaken….surely this small bundle of fur was a GUINEA PIG!

Here is a photo of wee Angus  with Michelle…

My, how they BOTH have changed considerably!

Hard to believe Angus has been with us so long. It seems like it was just a short time ago I was carrying him around inside my coat, afraid the tiny pup would surely freeze his tiny paws in the cold snow!

Happy Birthday, Wee Angus of Bristolwood!

Christmas Lights in Unexpected Places!

I had made a comment that it is difficult to take Chrsitmas light photos, as there ar few lights displayed in the woods!

Last night, as we traveled home from Canandaigua, I took the high (partially dirt) road to our house.  As we drove along, I stopped the Explorer and asked Michelle to photograph the lights our neighbor has draped in the trees in front of her home.  You really need to look hard, as it was SO dark out!!  The camera’s sensor had a bit of trouble seeing in the dark….

We also spotted some really pretty lights at the Wegman’s Organic Farm barn. It is decked out in lots of greenery and white lights.   Again, I think the little camera had a bit of trouble “seeing” in the dark, as it was very, very dark!

We made up four batches of cookies today.  Lots of work, but lots and lots of cookies!!! One batch was sugar cookies in the shape of snowmen. They need to be decorated, but I think we were all very tuckered out after making and baking all those cookies! They will wait until tomorrow!