Mind Your Step!

Living in New York state means that one becomes subject to some abusive weather.  If we don’t listen to weather reports and pay attention,  the weather might even play “dirty tricks” on us, causing us to fall and get hurt!

This morning,  I took the Scotties outside and I could see the ground glistening as the lights on the garage reflected on the icy terrain!  I heard we were going to get some freezing rain so this wasn’t a surprise!  But the Scotties…..oh my goodness!

Murphy and Angus pushed on ahead of me as they are inclined to do. They bounced down the stairs and onto the sidewalk.  Suddenly, they both approached the graveled driveway and STOPPED!  The icy glaze is so thin that even their slight 20 pound bodies caused the glazing to make a cracking sound as their little Scottie paws broke through!  As suddenly as they stopped, they  realized they had nothing to fear and the two of them wandered about the yard,  sounding like elephants as the turf beneath them buckled and cracked!

If you click on the photos, they wll expand and give you a better idea of the pre-dawn conditions that greeted us! Not to fear….the temperature is to soar well above freezing today, melting all of the offensive slippery surfaces!

Monday, Monday…Oh How Busy Are Mondays!

Today was insanely busy, as Mondays most usually seem to be!  Mark spent a great deal of the day talking on the telephone.  He must have gotten five or six calls from the Chevy garage, asking about the list of warranty items he had made.  There were times when I sensed his blood pressure rising from these calls, but all in all, I think everything will work out just fine! We are to pick the truck up tomorrow afternoon.

I did manage to find a couple of photos I had taken the other day of a couple of my bird friends.  I really love it when my tiny feathered friends look directly at the camera as though posing for their photo!

I hadn’t seen this woodpecker, (or his kind at least!) in months.  I was happy to see he made it back to the feeder for the winter. I also caught a rather nice photo of a little Goldfinch!

If the “real world” didn’t get in my way, I think I could spend hours and hours watching the birds and photograghing them.  Their colors and little chirps seem to add so very much to otherwise drab days! Especially Mondays!