After I posted the cute little fluffy Goldfinch and purposed to relax and admire the weather from inside today, Mark reminded me that we needed to drop off the truck at the garage in Canandaigua for some work. Drat.  Since I am the only early, early riser in the household, no one was anxious to think about getting up early tomorrow to drop it off.  So, we bundled up and were off in the bitter cold!

We had to stop by an auto parts store, and as we were parked at the plaza,  I noticed a flurry of activity above my head!

Not sure where all the Canada Geese were coming from, but they were in such a hurry to get to the big pond behind the plaza, they forgot all about their neat “v” flying patterns! (nightfall was quickly approaching) They came in by the hundreds and hundreds; just like a huge never-ending streamer across the sky,  they kept coming and coming!

I dropped Mark and Michelle at WalMart as they had a few things they needed to pick up.  Ben and I went over to the gas station to fill the nearly empty tank on the Explorer.  I looked up and was totally drawn to the rich colors of the setting sun in the west.  As soon as I finished pumping the gas, I drove down to the park at the lake….

The frigid weather we are experiencing made for some powerfully impressive skies! The clouds were ominous and the colors of the setting sun, awesome! As we drove back towards WalMart, the skies kept changing and getting more and more intense.

The blazing sunset finally disappeared and as I told Mark about it when he came back,  he couldn’t believe the colors when I showed him the camera. 

The kids wanted to stop (just for a minute, don’t you know?)  at the Dollar Tree, so Mark dropped them off and we sat in the Explorer, noting just how quickly the air was getting colder and colder when he turned of the ignition. 

When the kids came out of the store, Mark asked where we wanted to go next.  The three of us called out in one enormous voice, “HOME!”. 

Let me tell you…the blanket of warmth from the Jotul that greeted us as we entered in from the cold never felt quite so wonderful!