Baby, It’s (Majorly!) Cold Outside!

I took this photo just a little while ago.  The winds are howling so loudly, our normally quiet house now sounds as though a freight train is running through it!  It isn’t just a random sound, either, but a sustained drone that is hard to cover!

I realize this photo isn’t exactly “stellar”, as  it appears a bit out of focus, but you can see my little Goldfinch friend is swollen like a little powder puff, trying to keep warm! Truth be told, I had my telephoto lens on, and with the branch bobbing up and down as it was, the little bird resembled a youngster enjoying an amusement park ride!  It was tough trying to even focus!

Today’s temperature is supposed to be “about 20” or about -6 on the Celsius scale.  Add to that our 18 mph winds and it makes for a wicked wind chill!  I did fill the bird feeder to overflowing a short time ago, but the poor little birds!

Ah, but it is a good day for humans to relax indoors, reflecting on the coming Christmas holiday and sipping hot tea or cocoa!  Hmm…..perhaps I need to mix up a batch of cookies as well!

Murphy Gets Busted!

Yesterday morning, Michelle claimed that Murphy came into her bedroom to snoop for Christmas presents, specifically, his present! Michelle, being a clever girl, decided his punishment should be wearing Christmas bells so if the scoundrel were to reappear, everyone would be aware!

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