The Christmas Star!

Last night when Mark and the kids came home from their shopping expedition,  the kids were excited, saying they had something new for the Christmas tree. Hmmm…. This morning, when I came downstairs, there was a pretty star on to of the tree!

(just pretend not to see all those stupid cobwebs! WHERE do they keep coming from, anyway????)

I took these photos with the Panasonis camera.  As I was looking through the pictures on the SD card, I saw the Christmas Cactus photos I took yesterday.  While Mark and the kids were shopping, I was playing around with both of the cameras,  as I wanted to compare the results.  In all the the hubbub when they returned, I forgot all about the pictures on the Panasonic.

I really like the first picture, and you can see that the quality of the photo is pretty nice!  I really like that camera as a point and shoot….it has 10X zoom and its compact size makes it very easy to carry!

It got so warm today, it melted nearly all of the snow. The driveway is completely bare….of course, Ben’s and my work on it the other day really helped, I am sure!