Winter Lighting…

I know that many people find winter skies, and winter lighting in particular,  annoying.  The skies appear to be more gray than anything, and when the sun does shine, because it is so low in the sky, it just seems to get in the way!

This morning,  as I looked at the skies, I was so fascinated by the baby pastel colors!  The pinks and blues were breathtaking!

This afternoon, as I was busy putting laundry away,  the light streaking through the window was awesome.  It was hitting upon the Christmas Cactus and making the plant to appear illuminated!  Of course, not being one to pass up a photo opp, I got the camera out and took many photos.  Don’t worry…I only chose two of the ones that really caught my eye!

I love this time of the year so much…I find the winter sun to be perfect for taking pictures.  And of course, with all the sights of the Christmas season, there are so many opportunities to get some interesting and colorful photos!

Mark and the kids went out today. I stayed home and did some laundry and cleaning.  I also hung that big wreath on the garage once again!