Scottie Christmas Doghouse

Well, since Jeanne  made a comment about my little Scottie Christmas tree, I thought I would shamelessly show its companion piece, the Scottie Christmas Doghouse.  And since it is Christmas time, I think I will tell a little story about how the doghouse came to live here….

I accidentally cut the wooden base out of this photo.  The house sits on a pretty piece of wood that looks dark like mahogany.

Several years ago, I  was very actively involved in some Scottie forums.  I read every email every day, and smiled and laughed at the antics of these little pets.  It seemed I was in good company as far as others appreciating their little Scotties as much as we enjoyed ours!

A lot of folks on the Scottie forums had lots of money to spend on Scottie “goodies”.  Every time a person found some cute Scottie trinket, they would alert everyone, by writing “Scottie Find” in the title of their post.  Of course, I am sure the merchants loved it!  So, one day, someone wrote about the Danbury Mint Scottie Christmas tree.  I saw the price (expensive) and thought “no way”.  However, over time, I thought perhaps it would be a little “indulgence”.  So, one day, I bravely called the company, gave my information, and waited for the little tree to arrive. 

When the box arrived at my house, I quickly opened it and was amazed at all the detail! It was adorable, and I decided it was just a “little investment”. After all, the little tree could go anywhere! I was tickled with my purchase and would have gladly left it there.  However, Benjamin spotted a little postcard in the box.  It explained about the “Scottie Christmas Doghouse” that was going to be coming out.  Without my knowledge, Ben sent the card to Danbury!

Several months later,  another white Danbury box arrived at our home!  I was a bit confused, as the tree was already here.  Ben confessed what he had done, and Mark suggested I take the box to the post office and “Return to Sender”.  I, on the other hand,  decided to open the box just to see what this little house looked like.  I mean, it was in our possession. Why not just open the box?

Well, the rest is history!  After seeing all of the cute detailing on the house, I just couldn’t send it back.  Besides, the house and tree look really cute together! Here are some of the details…

If I could name that Scottie pictured above, he would most certainly be Murphy!  Not only does he look like Murph, but his countenance is Murphy, through and through!

Note the “hotdog garland” in the photo below….

The tree and house both have tiny little LCD lights that can be replaced in the event they burn out.  I did have to replace one, actually, after three or four Christmases. 

Okay, throw tomatoes… and hiss if you must!  I do love my little Scotties and these little pieces just add a lot of fun color to the holiday!!