So Glad I Rested Yesterday!

If I knew what was facing me this afternoon, I think I would have stayed in bed today!

I had mentioned that we really needed to move the little camper from in front of the garage to its niche down the driveway.  With a weather report advising temperatures rising to near 40, Mark suggested we try to move the camper today.  He wanted me to keep an eye on the thermometer and let him know if it really warmed up like the weather report said.

A little after noon, I went outside to look at the driveway, as the temperature was nearing 40.  My heart kind of sank, though, upon seeing lots and lots of icy snow on the driveway.  Ben came out with me and he tried to shovel the snow,  but he was only able to remove the top layer.  It seemed there was a think layer of ice underneath the snow.  He worked so hard, then I had an idea.

I went into the garage and grabbed out a short-handled shovel that was straight across on the bottom. I wasn’t sure what the shovel was created to do, but with a few sharp blows, it became evident that the shovel was a jewel for breaking the ice and making it possible to clear the driveway! The *only* problem is that the driveway is about 200 feet long! Lucky for Ben, though….I found another shovel just like the first one!

Here is a photo when we started. You can see the ice that we chopped.

We had a snow shovel, and Ben began to remove the mess we were making.  I told him not to bother, because I was pretty confident Mark could plow it out of the way with the ATV.  We kept working, and I told Ben when we got to the halfway mark, we could take a 10 minute breather!

We went inside to warm up a bit and Mark said he was sure he could plow when we finished the driveway.  We rested a few minutes, then it was back outside to continue on!  We worked a total of almost 2 hours, chopping away at the nasty ice that was over 2 inches think in many areas.  But, (don’t tell anyone) we found the thicker the ice, the more fun it was to break apart!

Here is what the mess looked like when we finished the job…

We helped Mark outside and onto the ATV.  Within just a few minutes, we were the envy of all our neighbors! We have no ice on the driveway anymore!

Mark got off the ATV and into the truck….within seconds, a BLIZZARD began;  tiny little snowballs that looked like styrofoam began pelting us and making it nearly impossible to hold our heads up!  Thankfully, the blizzard lasted only about two minutes!

Ben and I hitched the camper to the truck and Mark tucked it neatly away OUT of the way! What a good feeling that was! We always move it long before this late in the year, but with Mark having trouble with a nasty sore,  we were unable to place the camper in its winter home!

The net result of this activity is I got really cold! Even though the temperature was fairly warm (well, for this time of the year!)  it felt as though the cold ground was emitting a bone chilling icyness to my feet!  I was thrilled to go back in the house to warm my toes! 

I didn’t get much time to warm up as I had laundry to finish and some orders to pack!  I hustled and Ben helped me with the orders.  I finally was able to sit down at about five-thirty! 

Phew! Another busy day that I am SO glad is coming to a close!  The Sabres play tonight, so I will watch the game. It should end around 10….wonder if *I* will last that long!