So Lazy I (almost) Feel Guilty!

Since the weekend was dedicated to the kids’ activities,  I decided I needed to take a bit of a breather today.  We were going to move the camper back to its “pad” down the driveway, but as soon as we made our way outside this morning, the snow began to fall! Mark has never driven the camper in snowy or icy conditions,  and wasn’t about to check it out today!

Instead of moving the trailer, we worked a little in the garage, freeing up one of the bays so we can now pull the Explorer inside.  That gives us a lot more space at the top of the driveway in front of the garage.  It will make plowing much easier,  but we still need a little break in the weather so we can move the camper!

After getting the Explorer tucked neatly into the garage,  we piled the recyclables into the back of the pickup and Mark and Ben went to the dump, then on to Canandaigua.  Michelle and I stayed home and did a little picking up, straightening, and putting away.  I made a couple of batches of soap….I have not made any in such a long time!

Mark and Ben reurned home and Michelle and I decided we would watch a new movie I picked up at Sam’s Club yesterday.   Every year, I try to find a new Christmas movie to buy to add to our collection.  I love seeing some of the old classics, but one of my favorite all-time Christmas movies is The Muppets Christmas Carol. Michael Caine was such a great Scrooge in this version and I see something I hadn’t seen previously with each viewing.  The kids now think it is infantile,  so I guess that is further verification of my resistance to grow up!

Oh, the movie Michelle and I enjoyed today was called The Christmas Card . It is about a young man in the army in Afghanistan who receives a Christmas card from a young woman stateside…it would probably be best described as a “chick flick”,  but I also think a real he-man might just enjoy it as well! It features Ed Asner and I have always enjoyed his acting.

We did a litle bit of decorating around the house, although I am not given to a great deal of elaborate decorating.  I love all the pretty colors and decor, but just cannot get myself to going “overboard” with all the stuff involved.  Call me Mrs. Grinch.  I did get out the little Scottie Christmas tree!  I have it displayed in the bedroom as I am afraid it would be broken if placed in the living room!  I really enjoy turning it on in at night and it gets too warm in the living room, anyway.

We used to always buy a fresh Christmas tree every year. Oh how I love the scent of the pine! However, it has gotten a bit harder to secure a fresh tree, so Mark bought a little “skinny” artificial tree last year at Wegman’s.  The tree is prelit and ready to put together, so it alleviates some stress of setting up a real tree. It also fits into most any room because of its petite footprint.

I spent over an hour securing LED lights onto some artificial greenery for around the front door….

As Michelle and I were absorbed in the movie this afternoon, Mr. Murphy (also known as the Murphinator or Doodly Too) squawked and complaned until we lifted him up onto the bed where we were lounging.  Poor Murph.  He had no idea Michelle would torture him! She loves to squeeze his nose and kiss his head.  As she placed him into a trance while tickling his belly, we giggled and laughed as he raised his nose high into the air!

I’m not sure I could get used to a life of little activity,  but this leisurely day really was a nice break!I will probably be receiving payback….it has been precipitating freezing rain this evening.  It is supposed to warm up during the night and turn to just rain, before getting more snow tomorrow night!  Yes, we do enjoy some WILD weather!

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  1. I positively LOVE the Scottie Tree!! Did you order that?? I think some of the people on my bichon list were talking about a Bichon Tree that is similar. It’s beautiful and definitely would be my most favorite decoration! I so enjoy looking at all your beautiful pictures! Christmas comes and goes so fast. Faster each year I think!

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