Oops, Was I Snoring?

After yesterday’s outing into the Wonderful World of Retail, the last thing I wanted to do was arise early this morning.  However, the agenda did indeed call for an early awakening.  The kids went to the Turkey Skate last night, and we were to pick them up at 7 am today.  The center they were at is located about 40 miles away, so Mark and I needed to leave home by 6 to allow enough time.

I stayed up last night until after 11 pm. Mark and I watched the Buffalo Sabres play the Pittsburgh Penguins last night, and I was thoroughly wound up after the game.  The Sabres came out like gangbusters early this season,  but their past several games, it seems they were in a downward spiral, losing quite a few games.  The last two games, however, have been nail-biters, leaving me on the edge of my seat until they came out victorious in both games!

I always think that the referees in the games are very biased AGAINST the Sabres, but Mark tells me to calm down.  He assures me the refs are doing the best they can out on the ice. Well, last night was hideous. There were so many STUPID and I DO mean stupid penalties against the Sabres while the Penguins were not penalized for the very same infractions.  I was getting so hot under the collar, and threatened to leave the room, I was so upset.  Well, the Sabres won the game 4-3, but I got the surprise of my life AFTER the game.

In hockey, there is a (gag) rule which states that commentators and coaches are not to publicly criticize the referees.  During last night’s game, there were boos welling up amongst the fans as the refs either unfairly penalized the Sabres or seemed blind to the Penguin infractions.  It was blatantly obvious there was a real bias against the Sabres organization.  After the game, many, many of the sports reporters brought up the faulty (poor!!!) job done on the part of the referees! They were not hiding or trying to disguise their questions. They boldly made references to the many shoddy calls! Surprise, surprise! I was not seeing things!  The good news is that our team was able to not only beat the opposing team, but the team of referees, as well! Well done, Sabres!

As you can see, this all added up to some adrenaline flowing out of control in the confines of my body! I just couldn’t simmer down and get to sleep for a long time!

I opened my eyes at 4 am this morning, and realized I really needed to get up! I fed the Scots, took them outside, then began scraping some of the icy snow from the sidewalk and to the truck. I had to use some salt, as the ice refused to break off the sidewalk.  I finished, helped Mark get ready, then we were off to get the kids.  We were also picking up two of their friends.  Last year, the kids went to the mall after the skate, and they begged to go once again.

We arrived a little after 7 to gather the quartet and then we headed off to the shopping center!  We dropped the kids at the mall and Mark and I went to Sam’s to pick up a few things…and to enjoy a slower, more relaxed shopping trip.  We paid, then went over to WalMart to get an oil change and tire rotation.  Afterwards, we picked up four very tired but silly youths, and headed off towards home!

As we drove along the highway, we experienced the tiniest sliver of sunshine poking through a seemingly endless sea of gray sky!

After dropping off the first young man, we went to the appointed dropoff for the second fellow. As we awaited his ride, Mark spotted a gorgeous Ring-Necked Pheasant walking in the bramble across the road.  You can certainly see he is dressed in his camos!

Everyone came home and after settling in, they all fell sound asleep. Everyone but me!  Even the Scotties are sacked out, happy that we are all together at home again!

Tonight, there is another Sabres game. It will be interesting to see if there is any difference in the refereeing after the atrocious performance of last night!

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  1. Bill, Me prejudiced? Naw.

    To hear the reporters after the game, referring to the poor job the referees did was all I needed to know **I** was NOT going crazy. Oh, and Mark was pretty disturbed by this one as well.

    The Sabres did lose last night to Montreal and we won’t even go there….

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