Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of my US friends and readers, Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family is celebrating in rather low-key fashion.  Since we had our festive Thanksgiving celebration with lots of food on Monday, today will be a much simpler meal, although we will still have turkey and some traditional fare!

The kids got up this morning and began thinking about things other than food! Tomorrow is Black Friday, and Michelle wants so much to shop till she drops!  Funny thing is, tomorrow night is the Annual Turkey Skate. This is held at the Christian center and the kids skate ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  Last year, we picked them up, along with one of their friends, on Saturday morning after they had been up all night.  We then drove to a mall and let the kids shop for a bit.  They came back to the truck and literally passed out all the way home! It was rather amusing seeing three normally chatty kids sound asleep in the back seat!

Thanksgiving is always a time to count our blessings, and we have so very many!  We have been blessed far beyond only the necessities in life, and we truly are grateful for all we have been given.  We often look around us and wonder how it is that we hav been so blessed of God,  feeling so unworthy.

May God bless you and your family, today and every day. May you count your blessings, and even in the tough times, may you always be grateful!