Wintry Morning and Missing “Home”

Yesterday,  Bill in Scotland featured the Dead Sea, where he recently visited.  I was impressed by one photo which contained a small statue-like “rock” which was identified as Lot’s wife, turned into a pillar of salt.  Well, I certainly don’t want to look back instead of ahead, causing God to punish me, (I would probably be turned into a snowperson!!!!) but as I heard stories about my hometown this morning, I found my heart aching to visit!

It seems “home” has received some large quantities of lake effect snow from Lake Erie, amounting to more than two feet.  When I think of the grand time I have had sledding with the kids, (the highlit phrase will take you to Carly’s blog….scroll down and you can see yours truly in wild mode!!!) I wish that I could take them to “Stadium Hill”, located behind the community college, and let them enjoy some great sledding! I also long to take them skating at the beautiful ice rink that was built downtown there.  The catch is that my hometown is located three hours away, and it is hard to get away.  Right now, however, folks are advised to do no unnecessary travel in western New York, as the roads are treacherous!

So….here is what I awakened to this morning….

I call that “snow paste”! It  was adhered to the screen which I should have removed before this!

Michelle went down to help Cindy with the pie business this morning, as Cindy is busy for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving holiday here in the US.  As I made my way back home, I stopped a couple of times to take a few photos. They all look like they have been converted to black and white, but they are actually in color!

Here is a shot looking up the road we where we live….***IF we could convince the town NOT to plow the road, this would be one REALLY wild ride down the hill!!!!***

In the valley located at the bottom of our road……

I stopped briefly to take a photo looking up the lake at the lookout I have featured here before.  It is FAR from the scenic views shown before, and if you look closely, you will see the lake…

The gardens at the lookout are filled with some grasses that add a “sepia” note to the (almost) black and white appearance of my photo! The bench was looking very sad, covered in sticky, wet snow!

As a (total) aside…our Michelle is such a frugal shopper. She loves taking trips to the Dollar Tree to see if there are any unusually great buys.  One afternoon, she came out with a silly grin on her face….she opened her bag to reveal the most horrific little green doggie “hoodie”.  “For Murphy!” she proudly proclaimed.

Every time I take Michelle to work, she insists on bringing little Murphy, saying that he enjoys the ride. And, every time she brings the little tyke, she insists on donning the green hoodie. Poor Murph. He is such a good-natured little fellow, but I do think he secretly HATES the hoodie!!!!