My New Pet

I’m not certain where, exactly, my little pet Ladybug lives, but the little darling surfaces from time to time! This morning, when I opened my eyes to look at the time on the clock radio, the bug was walking on the device!  A little later, I found my spotted friend perched on the cap of my contact lens case!  I leave the case open every day, after emptying any lens cleaner, so it can air out.  Perhaps the little Ladybug thought there was liquid in there, as the cap is very shiny inside; or maybe he or she is just a very curious Ladybug!

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  1. Carly, that’s exactly what I thought too (another contact lens wearer here!). A (small) Pond difference – we call them ladybirds rather than ladybugs. I always think ladybug sounds so cute.

  2. Haha, Carly! At first, I thought you meant I should rinse the cap for the Ladybug, but as I thought about it, perhaps you meant for ME…oops!

    Jackie, when I showed a Ladybug before (perhaps even the same one!) Ian said in Oz, they are referred to as “Christmas Beetles”! Okay….THREE English-speaking countries with THREE different names! I am a bit unclear as to the “Ladybird” name, as this little beetle cerainly isn’t a bird! hehehe

    Yes, Bill, the house is certainly more “tropical” than outdoors!!!

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