Some More Feathered Friends

Well, this first photo isn’t  a bird, but some of the pretty Holly berries peeking out from under the snow in front of the house.

I couldn’t resist showing this photo of a cute little Titmouse.  Just look at the way he is looking at the camera for me! Couldn’t have gotten a better pose!

 I love Chickadees!  They are so sweet and unassuming! This one just sat patiently waiting to see what the nutty woman hanging out the wimdow was going to do!

Tomorrow is Carly’s birthday and she and her kids are coming down for the day.  We had some shopping to do, as we will be having a full Thanksgiving meal tomorrow! If you have read here for awhile,  perhaps you will remember last Thanksgiving Day when I nearly destroyed my new stove by catching the turkey on fire!  I have rectified the situation by buying a roasting pan!  The sides of this (huge) pan are much deeper than the shallow dish I used last year, so there should be no more excitement!

Will have photos from the day….see you then!

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  1. Ian, we have many beautiful and colorful birds that linger on in spite of the cold! I keep feeding them and they keep coming back! One of our most gorgeous wintering birds is the Cardinal. We don’t get many of those here, but hopefully, one or two will appear this winter and I can catch them with the camera!

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