Fun in the Snow!

Ben and Michelle invited their friends over today, hoping to do some sledding.  The snow we have gotten lately has really compressed to almost nothing, but we figured the situation might be a little better over at the park, as it is located at a much higher altitude.

We drove over to the park and it was like a winter wonderland!  If only there was a way to convey the bitter cold wind blowing across the fields and the way it stung our faces!  We trudged about the park for quite some time, seeking out the perfect sledding hill, though, and the conversations along the way were light and good-natured!

We had so much fun, and yes, I did indeed go down the hill a few times.  I had no idea that little plastic sleds require one to “lean” to steer, however, and I nearly laughed myself silly as I raced down the hill entirely backwards!

Pictures are from our adventure.  My poor camera was shivering, so I had to poke it into my coat to keep it warm! I think the cold did diminish the quality of the photos!













For my Celsius scale readers, the current temperature now is -8 degrees Celsius. The wind chill factor is -12 degrees Celsius now, but I just bet that over on that hill where we spent some time this afternoon, it is *much!* colder!

We came home to a dinner (clever me…I had prepared it ahead-I just had to bake everything!) of Oven-Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Broccoli Cheese Casserole. As the kids sat at the table, the golden glow of the Jotul, the red cheeks on the faces, and the overall feeling of having some good clean fun was just so satisfying! I do love winter!