Let’s Go Grab a Sub for Lunch!

That is what I told the incredible Miss M this afternoon when she said she was starving!  I was craving a sub yesterday, but as the snow came tumbling down from the sky, I just was not inclined to go out and clean the Explorer off to make the trip.  Instead, I made cheeseburgers for dinner last night, and Michelle made the most delectable delights of Baby Bella Mushrooms stuffed with spinach dip.  T’was a memorable dinner for the family!

As we were about to rush out the door, I asked Michelle to grab the Panasonic camera from upstairs. She, of course, rolled her eyes!  But, I had it on good authority that snow was being made up the road, as I could hear the distinct drone of the machines at work!

As we neared the mountain,  I got so excited….as I pulled into the parking lot, I grabbed the camera and began taking photos. Poor Michelle. She thinks her dear mother is crazed. Ah well…

Me: “Michelle, I really, really need one of these machines!”

Michelle: “Mom, that is so weird!”

Me: “But Michelle, we could have snow any time it is cold outside!!!!”

Michelle: “Some of us do not like snow and cold!”





Well,  I do love snow. And cold. And furthermore, when I spoke to my mom yesterday, she confided that she also prefers the cold weather over the heat and humidity of summer! So there, it *is* a genetic thing!

I pulled out of the parking lot, wondering to myself why I never learned to downhill ski, anyway!  Well, I do have a clue. Namely, my cousin who decided to learn to ski.  Silly Carol. She was learning the finer art of skiing when she decided to head on down a more advanced slope than the “bunny hill”.  She spent several weeks teaching her high school English class from a wheelchair! Oops! 

I took a safer route and ice skated! No, not those ridiculous figure skates! I took up skating on racing skates! I think most every night of my early teens was spent skating outdoors at the rink! I so loved skating and just couldn’t get enough of it.  Even when my friends were not able to attend, the fresh air, the feeling of sailing, and the invigorating exercise was just the most wonderful experience and I am so happy to have skated!  I still do have skates, by the way, but they are hockey skates. 

My mind filled with memories, I saw a helicopter pass overhead.  I told Michelle to quickly photograph it! She hurried getting the camera removed from the case, but just couldn’t get it.  Then, the most incredible thing happened! It swooped around behind us, pulled up parallel to us, and began descending!

Michelle took a photo as I pulled over off the road…..


I lowered the window and grabbed the camera. I got lucky!


All the “fogginess” is snow being whipped about on the ground from the blades.  The helicopter is a Mercy Flight copter, used for emergencies.  The copter never landed, so I think Bristol Mountain just made this pad for it, and it came to assess whether it was suitable for landing.  It ascended to the sky, and headed over the hill across the valley. Unfortunately, there are some rather serious accidents (including death) at the mountain.

I was so psyched by this time, Michelle expressed fear for her very life! I explained to her that if, in my lifetime, there was one thing I so wanted to do in my earlier years, it was to learn to fly a helicopter!

We continued on our journey, picking up a sub and chips, then returning home. I did settle down, and Michelle was relieved when we returned safely in our own driveway. What an eventful trip this was!