Deep Satisfaction

The weather is certainly the topic of many conversations here in western New York.  It seems like so many people say that they are so not ready for snow yet, but the kid in me is screaming out “Yessssssss!”  When I went upstairs this morning to make the bed, (after daybreak!) the snow began to come down like gangbusters!


While we were out running errands yesterday, Mark and the kids went into the store for awhile. I stayed out in the truck with the two Scottie boys, and enjoyed the grand minutes of (nearly) solitude!  When Mark and the kids reemerged,  Mark handed me a gorgeous bouquet of autumn flowers!  If you know me, you know that I love flowers on the table!


As always, there were many little tasks calling out my name, and I attended to them, one by one.  This afternoon, I called my mother, who informed me that their region got about a FOOT of snow!  We only have about perhaps half that amount, and it arrived today! The sky was as changeable as could be….one minute, snowing, the next,  sunshine and blue skies!



The little songbirds are happy with the full feeder on the window! I did have to reprimand one naughty little Junco that kept sitting inside the feeder and flapping its wings to frighten all the other birds! When I took this photo of a little chickadee,  the Nikon struggled to focus, because of the movement of the falling snow!


As the sun began to head over the hills across the valley,  the colors in the sky were so pretty.


I noticed a couple of blogs where people were mentioning that in the autumn, particularly this time of the year, they are inclined to do more cooking and baking.  There is just a sense of “hominess” in the air.  I have been gleaning my recipe stash, making note of cookies I would like to bake as gifts.  Of course, the woodstove, even though not useful for cooking, adds a warm ambiance that makes me feel so good inside! (especially with the woodshe filled)

I remember even as a little child, it was hard to think about Christmas shopping until a proper snowfall….though it is a little early, I find myself getting into the holiday mood!  I bought some “pine” garlands to hang up and this morning, I fashioned a bow for one of them.


There are so many things that I want to accomplish each Christmas and many of my aspirations fall by the wayside, but each year still brings more ideas! It really doesn’t matter that everything doesn’t get accomplished, as there is just such a deep satisfaction doing what I can.  This year, the snow in the forecast and on the ground just adds a little more to that feeling….