Tis the Season!

We had some paperwork that needed to be delivered in Canandaigua today.  Mark worked all morning and he kept asking me what the weather was like outside.  I assured him it would snow for a bit, then stop, leaving no traces of accumulation.  Just before he was ready to go out, he looked out the window to see what looked like an awesome snow storm! Once again, I told him that the snow would likely melt right away before accumulating.

We left home in the afternoon and this is what we encountered on the road to Canandaigua!


It certainly doesn’t give one warm and cozy feelings seeing the road enshrouded not being able to see the snow-covered road! Happily, this was not a long-lasting squall. As we proceeded onward, the snow lessened and lessened, until there was little snow falling at all!

We stopped by Rossi’s Music so Ben could purchase a few guitar picks.  Darryl Rossi, the owner of the store, always decorates for Christmas, and I love his “Snowman Mountain” that he sets up.


The snowmen were looking especially spiffy this afternoon, with a fresh, light coating of snow sprinkled upon them!

As you can see, we did see more snow along the way. This time, the snowflakes were falling the size of demi-tasse saucers!


As we drove through the city, we were passing the Canandaigua City Hall, when I captured this photo of the pigeons high atop the bell tower.  Yes, the photo looks out of focus, but it was snowing like crazy, once again!

I read a brief summary about the city hall, and discovered it was built in 1824. The building was originally the county courthouse, and has housed town, county, and city offices in its history, until 1988, when the city acquired sole ownership.


I also read that the bell tower  contains clocks that have been retrofitted with  automatic winders, replacing the 1200# weights that were originally part of the clock! The clock is also one that was manufactured in New York City, and only twelve are known in existence today.

One of our errands today was picking up a bag of dog kibble.  As I played about  shopped in the store, I found a cool display of “unstuffed” toys for dogs.  After digging around for a while, trying to decide which “skinned animal” to purchase,  I grabbed the skunk and headed for the checkout.

Murphy took a shine to the lifeless, skinned-looking skunk. It has a squeaker in the head and tail, so Murphy will enjoy that.  I was so surprised to see the little lad with his toy this evening….


The town plow came up our hill shortly after 7:30 this evening.  That is highly unusual, as it seems our typical last grooming is about 5:30 pm.  The forecast is calling for some accumulation of snow, but I will believe it when I actually see it! 

Definitely is “the” season!