Glorious, Delightful Day!

This morning when I took the Scotties outside,  it was very dark out.  Later, at daybreak, this was what I saw as I stepped onto the front porch! Uh oh, red skies in the morning…..


We had some plans to run around this afternoon and when Cindy called to ask if Michelle could help her this afternoon, it worked out perfectly! We drove down to Naples and then headed south to Bath.

Michelle and I worked on arranging the Christmas  boxes we were sending late this morning….one of our errands was to drop the boxes off at The Family Life Ministries Center. We discovered we were actually early in dropping the boxes off, as the big national drive begins next week, but the boxes were graciously received.  For once, we were ahead of the game!


It was getting late and we were hungry. I told Mark we ought to stop by the local Chinese restaurant. We picked up a menu…


and ordered! The food was fantastic, although far too much for one meal!


I got out of the truck and walked about a bit, trying to work off some of the delicious meal! As I walked along the parking lot, I got a little reminder of home under my feet!


The rest of the photos are random shots taken here and there…..



Sorry to interrupt, but the skies were indescribable today. I kept hopping out of the truck to capture “just one more sky shot”!






It was a bit hard to begin making our way back home. It was the kind of day that one wants to go on forever. The temperatures were so mild, no jacket was even needed! It was simply an amazing day. A wonderful day!

We came home on a road we don’t often take, but there were two barns  I wanted to photograph. The first has the most incredible old silo made from wooden boards banded with metal bands.  The silo was more what caught my eye than the barn, in all honesty, although the setting was very pretty!


The second barn has the date 1876 (I think that was the date) formed from white shingles on the front of the barn. I was unable to get a photo of the date, but this barn….or whole series of buildings….is just so beautiful!  Just look at the hills in the distance, and the spectacular skies!


Well, I guess the sailors and shepherds needn’t worry about the red skies this morning.  This day was like a precious treasure, from beginning to end!


Tomorrow, we are supposed to have “widespread” thunderstorms passing through the area, and then the temperatures are going to plummet downward.  With all of our firewood neatly stored in the woodshed, we are ready for any and all temperature changes!  In the meantime, I am just so grateful for this day and the chance to spend much our time outside in the amazing weather!