Morning Thoughts…

I took the Scotties out this morning after their breakfast, and we entered a world dusted in white.  It was  *only* a dusting, but the child-like heart within me welled up with excitement…there is something about seeing the snow that just brings out the kid in me. I get so elated watching the snow fall and going out in it. 

Apparently, Murphy and I are soul mates when it comes to the snow and winter.  I watched him scamper about, hopping up and down as though on springs! He would rush from side to side, stretching the leash (a coil wound one) to its full extent, then briskly turn about in the opposite direction and boing….boing….boing…..hop to the full extent again.  As Angus sniffed about on the ground,  Murphy continued to happily bounce about, totally enthralled by life itself!

We finally walked to the porch, and once on the deck,  Murphy began dancing about…this time, exhibiting little “snowballs” that had tangled on his paws. Then he sat down and pulled the balls off his paws, chewing and crunching the tiny “delicacies”!  You see, Murphy equates snow to “snowcones”! He loves going out to eat snow!

After putting the “boys” back inside the house, I grabbed my camera and went outside to capture the fate of my beautiful little rose featured here yesterday.

Seeing the little rose standing there so bravely, its petals filled nearly to the brim with icy crystals, I took pity on the poor little flower and clipped it from the bush.


Still dripping with water from the melted snow, the little flower looks so grand sitting in a teeny-tiny vase!


That rose is so durable…ah, to be like the brave little rose! 

Oh, and my heart is fairly dancing about within me as the snow is beginning to fall a bit more heavily!

One more story about the crows flying outside…

Michelle made some Rice Crispie Treats almost two weeks ago for when her friends came over.  She made one big mistake with the goodies, however….she placed them in the little refrigerator out in the garage.  When she went to get them for her party, they had gotten soggy.  Their crispiness had gone for sure within only a couple of hours. 

Yesterday, when Michelle and I arrived back home from our shopping excursion, we had something that needed to be refrigerated. I told Michelle to put it in the refrigerator in the garage, and there was one of those “Oops!”  moments when she opened the door and the soggy treats greeted her! I told her to just take them to the woods and throw them away. 

This morning, while walking the Scotties, I watched as a large black crow flew overhead, something decidedly familiar in its beak!  Alas, the crows are not greatly discerning….gleefully snacking on soggy Rice Crispie Treats!

Over the River and Through the Woods

No, we weren’t on our way to Grandmother’s house! You see, tomorrow is Mark’s birthday, so Michelle and I made a trip up to Rochester to pick up a few “goodies”!  That is all I am saying for now….but hopefully, photos will follow tomorrow!

As I was mulching the leaves on Friday, I was so surprised to see a beautiful rose abloom on my miniature rose bush! We had such cold temperatures a couple of weeks ago; who would have known the little rose bush would still flower after being in the deep freeze!


After basking in summer-like temperatures the past week, the colder “more seasonal” temperatures have returned.  There was even talk of snow once again.  We will see! I do remember several years ago a cold and snowy wintry day on Mark’s birthday.  Mark and I didn’t have a truck then, so Mark borrowed his father’s.  My brother, Randy, was riding with Mark in the truck and I was following in my Volkswagen Fox.  It was snowing a wet, heavy snow and Mark had wood for the house tucked in the back of the truck.

We were only about six miles from the house when the car I was driving decided to suddenly perform the most hair-raising ballet with me sitting helplessly behind the wheel!  There was a great deal of snow on the road, and the car just began winding its way over to the right side of the road.  As a barn was ahead of me, I took the steering wheel into my hands and turned it to the left.  At this point, the car veered over to the left, but instead of stopping, it spun around and I wound up stopped in the opposite lane, facing the opposite direction, and narrowly missing a bank of mailboxes in the process! I sat, shaken for a few seconds, when the urgency to move so as not to become a stationary target overcame me.

I turned the little Fox around into the other lane and slowly progressed towards the house. Upon arriving, Mark and Randy were already loading the wood from the truck.  They were rather anxious to get it inside where it would be safe from the elements.  The most intriguing part of the whole incident was that neither Mark nor Randy had any idea I had been left behind in my perilous maneuvers!

The kids are so anxious for tomorrow….they got Mark some really cool presents.  Should be a lot of fun! Snow, or no snow!